Aelf (ELF) Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 Forecast, Wiki, Realistic Future

Aelf Coin Price Prediction

ELF marks record breaking jumps in ranking of highest market cap holder list and they are trading with average $1.60 USD price in April 2018 but as per the previous record Aelf is already reaching to all time highest price by reaching $2.59 USD in January 2018, but after it started dropping during cryptocurrency crash price again reaches to $0.50 USD and nearly 75% of total supply is still available for trading & mining which clearly indicate this coin will have long run in cryptocurrency race gaining highest market cap value and second noticeable things is this coin is based on computer based clouding computing network with the blockchain infrastructure with highly chain parallel processing system which brings three aspects like scalable nodes, smart contacts, self learning technology just like auto bot and officials also thinks about what user wants for which they put public voting what new feature they bring and also they also have choice to electing nodes.

YearAELF (Coin) ELF Price Prediction (minimum) Avg.
2018$6 USD
2019$11.3 USD
2020$18.4 USD

ELF Coin Price Prediction 2018

ELF crypto launched in end of 2017 after launched in few months after all Initial coin offering or air drops, it finally gets indexed on with trading price at $1.10 USD then less than one month it reaches all-time highest till now by crossing $2 USD mark in peak point of cryptocurrency but as we know after end of February 2018 unexpected started happening just like hackers stole coin from thousands of user worldwide and also they also hacking trading account of many top crypto trading portals, but after this more thing start happening like China bans cryptocurrency who playing major role in investing of crytocurrency because more percentage of investor is from china and this turned out to be the biggest loss which results in growing prices of Bitcoin stopped because of his own home country and then after that rumors started spreading about south korea is also thinking for banning but laterly after having huge number of investor and looking craze of cryptocurrency their government denied this fake news.

Aelf Coin Price Prediction
Aelf Coin Price Prediction
Month & YearELF (Coin) Price Prediction (minimum) Avg.
June 2018$3.3 USD
October 2018$4.3 USD
December 2018$6.4 USD

so rumors and following bans from the big country affected prices of cryptocurrency, so in the crash ELF coin also gets affected and again dropped below starting price and at end of March 2018 it reached $0.50 USD but after this April 2018 showing some mercy in cryptocurrency world because along with top crypto all newly launched showing some kind of growth in price, which result right now ELF takes huge jump in ranking.

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Aelf Price Prediction 2020

looking forward to 2020 Aelf it has very impressive features such as performing restriction of successive processing, inpasse of protocol update, increase of block, point to point maintenance and developement of cross chain platform, so with this feature this coin will be in huge demand in future and will modify many other cryptocurrency which is much needed change for every cryptocurrency run and if current growth rate continues till 2020 then ELF price will be trading at over $30 USD and end year by crossing $40 USD mark so below we have set price conisdering cryptocurrency crash and price on the moon event.

YearAelf Forecast (minimum) Avg.
January 2020$16.6 USD
June 2020$18.3 USD
December 2020$21.4 USD

Note: mentioned price are set by previous month analysis so chances of getting the false result are more.

Aelf Coin Wiki

cryptocurrency NameAelf
Ticker symbolELF Coin
TechnologyComputing Blockchain
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000 ELF
Year of Introduction2017
Coinmaketcap listing22 December 2017
ExchangeBinance, Bithumb, Huobi, OKEx