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Aeron coin

Aeron coin Prices shock the world after marking highest per day peak rate of 335.29%, as ARN is newly launched cryptocurrency founded by Artem Orange on 1st week of October 2017 but Aeron showing really awesome growth in less than one because ARN was started with very low price cryptocurrency with $0.40 USD and now on 5 December 2018 Prices reach all time high $5.5 USD and beating all top cryptocurrency like Tron, Ripple, Stellar and cardano as no one notice about Aeron cryptocurrency because position in highest market cap is below Top 200 but if it able to maintain this growth rate for whole January month then in upcoming month we will see this cryptocurrency in top 50 position, as there are many reason why this cryptocurrency prices showing huge growth started with technology and Aeron is based on Blockchain with more advanced feature It uses pilot to connect peer to peer currency exchange and many other cryptocurrency first launched then started building new features but in case of Aeron thing is different owner started paying for article by giving ARN coin as reward, as well as they also launched mobile app to make simpler to understand and improve user experience.

ARN Coin Price

From November to end of December 2017 this cryptocurrency showing steady report by changing value in limited range of 0.40 USD to 0.82 USD, but new year looks like better for low cryptocurrency so it does same to Aeron coin because on 1st January price was nearly 0.90 USD and from this day it increases with 0.5 per day growth rate, but on 5th January day was different and also growth rate is super awesome because price shift from 1.5 USD to 5.3 USD in just one day with 253.33% and defeat Tron, Verge, Bitconnect, cardano in highest per day growth rate but talking about month wise peak rate then no one is closer to ARN coin because in just one month it grows by 1077.7% so now it surely gain attention of investor right now and will build huge market cap value, which help to build price with time.

Aeron Cryptocurrency News

  • Aeron announced flight safety agreement with Token on HitBTC
  • Using Blockhain Tech from Aeron user can make Skier Safer
  • now Aeron officially launched on Binance for trade Exchange
  • Aeron closing to Kingdom Of Bahrain for Partnership
  • Aeron listed at Tidex
  • Unsold Aeron coin donated to charity.

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Aeron Wiki

Aeron is based on Blockchain technology which track Flight maintenance and also store pilot logs, uses smart contact for safer aircraft data hosted globally and it also allow to pilot to have logs that can be verified online and the main purpose of Aeron aircraft service is to aware people about billions of jobs opportunity available in every second worldwide in simple manner than also it about to make private space travel in reality and it also done modification in in blockchain security so it can transfer pilot and aircraft maintenance logs with safely and it also added inviolable secure data, as ARN is stored in chain of Blocks which is in encrypted code of the document, which become perfect space to store transactions history.

Short NameARN
Market cap Value$59,323,200 USD
Maximum Supply20,000,000 ARN
Position in Highest market cap value246
Launched DateOctober 2017

Note: above value may changes with time.

Aeron coin
Aeron coin

Aeron Coin Price Prediction

Talking about price prediction then ARN coin will going to break most of record in cryptocurrency world like highest per day growth rate, highest per month growth rate as we have seen generally once cryptocurrency launched it takes more time to show enough growth but Aeron is on different level after showing above 1K% peak rate it already chasing top cryptocurrency right but because low market cap hold now ranked below top 200 and if this report of growth expected to be steady for more than one month then in February 2018 it surely cross 10 USD mark and end of 2018 it reaches all time high by passing 50 USD mark, so right now people are investing in Ripple, cardano, Tron but instead of this if you planning for long time investment then Aeron will be great choice and also holding awesome future because there are many airline closing to making partnership with Aeron so we will get to see good hike in market cap value.