Bankera (BNK Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, Forecast, Buy/Exchange


Bankera is Banking based cryptocurrency which allow to user baking of cryptocurrency means users will run cryptocurrency transaction just like Bank, in which Bankera offers your investment, trading different currency as well as BNK coin is also there for Buying/selling, as currently, Bankera is getting awesome response in initial coin offering in which over 5 Billions BNK Token is available for trading, but already 4.5 Billion of BNK is already sold out, as price of token continuously hiking just because new concept as every customer will get IBANS  and payments cards which are ready to distribute to user on Spectrocoin in which 0.75 million active clients and till now 65k cards has been issued worldwide.

Initial coin offering will be going to end on 28th February 2018 but as per current report it will close before deadline, but in initial coin offering there are 30% of Token from maximum supply will be distributed and remaining token will be available once Bankera gets listed with market cap value and gets listed on in which real time price will be distributed and user can trade, mine BNK Coin and also exchange with top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Bankera Coin Price Prediction

Bankera is trading at 0.021 EUR, which is equal to $0.04 USD and right now current rate will be continue till end of February 2018, as Bankera will going to make new record at cryptocurrency world once it gets launched with cap value, then is gets continue surge in price with huge percentage and going to biggest newly launched cryptocurrency, reason is simple, Bankera is focusing on international exchange just like Bank does and by providing Bankera Payment Card to link to investor account and along with this different kind of scheme will provide to user like Loan, Investment, direct payment and also participate in payment network as SEPA in Europe, makes more faster transaction time in Canada and United Kingdom.

YearBNK Price Prediction
2018$0.40 USD
2019$4.5 USD
2020$32 USD

Note: above prices are set from report of Initial coin offering from November 2017 to February 2018.

bankera price prediction
bankera price prediction

Bankera Price Prediction 2018

Bankera is just few days away to get listed and March 2018 will be awesome for Bankera because after initial coin offering cryptocurrency shows huge percentage of peak in price and there many coins after ico increased with more than 100% per day growth rate and 1300% per week growth rate, which is enough to attract number of investor and because of security, maintenance, having huge maximum supply and wallet is already launched to there is no delay in other service also and once it Bankera is fully activated then other cryptocurrency wallet also be launched like Bitcoin, Nem, Ethereum, as right now Bankera is comes by taking advice from recent big name and founder of cryptocurrency like NEM .

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How to Buy Bankera | BNK Exchange


You can directly buy Bankera coin from along with you can store BNK Coin Wallet, if you already holding Ethereum, Bitcoin and other major coins then you can exchange your on

Bankera Price Prediction 2020

In 2019 once ICO gets finished, A baking license will be obtained for Bankera, which enable loans and deposit services to user and it takes whole year to gets number of user then in 2020 there is huge number of user which turns on fluctuation in price which keeps engaging investor and get continuous daily investor, so as mentioned in above table price may turns out to be true.

Bankera Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameBankera
Ticker SymbolBNK Coin
PlatformBanking Blockchain
Maximum Supply5 Billion BNK
Date of IntroductionNovember 2017