BAT Coin (Basic Attention Token) Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | BAT Forecast Future

BAT Coin Price Prediction

After Tron there are many new launched cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token is all set to replace Publisher or Advertisement platform as BAT is very unique technology who providing Digital Advertisement and pay highest % to user because they eliminate middlemen, fraudster, which leads to lose trust of many user so without any middlemen this ERC20 Ethereum platform based technology giving BAT Coin to user, as Bat Coin is founded by Co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox Browser, which was introduced in 2017 and gets listed on June 2017 with price $0.17 USD price and then till mid of December 2017 BAT Coin maintain average price of $0.33 USD price and along with other top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash and IOTA this cryptocurrency is showing steady hike in price and reaches to all time highest price on 10th January 2018 with $0.90 Price.

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BAT Price Prediction 2018

In 2018 BAT coin is already showing good growth and just $0.10 USD away from reaching $1 USD mark but after 15th January 2018 price fluctuation (ups and downs) are more than expected which keeps engaging user to invest in Basic Attention Token and right now advertisement department also gaining huge demand, and to have better experience officials launching brave web browser very soon which will have ad blocking technology and better user experience to get faster speed, as talking about Price Prediction then till end of April 2018 BAT will crossed most awaited $1 USD mark and till end of 2018 Coin will reach $5 USD Mark and if March Month growth continue for upcoming months then $10 USD mark also easy to reached, as just because this Blockchain based digital advertisement has no end, so there will be continuous transaction will happen which will increase market cap value which also help get huge peak in ranking sorted by highest market cap.

Month & YearBAT Coin Price Prediction
April 2018$1.20 USD
August 2018$3.2 USD
December 2018$5.9 USD

Note: with 70% per month Growth Rate above prices are set.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction 2020

In December 2017 with 124.99% growth rate price are surge from $0.19 USD to $0.35 USD and then in January 2018 with 69.44% Peak Rate price are hike from $0.36 USD to 0.62 USD but after giving good performance February 2018  it disappointed for BAT Coin and reason behind this is Cryptocurrency crash is longer than expected so in that price are trading with $0.40 USD, as BAT coin total Supply not reaches to its calculating supply as more than 35% still available for trading and mining so in till April 2018 BAT coin will show steady growth in price then it will take skyrocket speed and now lets turn our attention towards 2020 which will be expected to have great year for Cryptocurrency and on January 2020 with 60% growth Coin price will trading at $32 USD and till end of 2020 Price will be closer to $55 or $50 USD.

Month & YearBasic Attention Token Forecast
January 2020$32 USD
August 2020$41.5 USD
December 2020$56 USD

Note: above price is just prediction may turn out be wrong, as above value are set according previous performance of BAT cryptocurrency.

BAT Coin Price Prediction
BAT Coin Price Prediction

BAT Forecast

Best Publisher, Advertiser Platform may be become biggest network in future, so investing right now will be great choice but user has to hold BAT coin for longer period so thinking for investment then keep in mind for better profit amount hold it for more than 4 months.

Basic Attention Token Wiki

Cryptocurrency nameBasic Attention Token
Ticker SymbolBAT
PlatformERC20 Ethereum Blockchain
Year of Introduction2017
Maximum Supply1,500,000,000 BAT
ExchangeBinance, Bittrex, upbit, Huobi, Ethfinex,