Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018 | Top 5 Cryptocurrency 2017

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018
Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Before we give suggestion about Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018 lets introduce about this concept: Cryptocurrency is nothing but Digital currency or Internet money, which is converted into coin format and price of each coin is fluctuating means price may changes per second, hour, day, week and more, suppose user holding 5 coin of any cryptocurrency and prices suddenly changed of that cryptocurrency which only mean that you still have 5 coin but prices of each coin is change, as there are billions of investor invest their money in cryptocurrency because in terms of profit and time to get profit is really awesome as some cryptocurrency now days increasing with 55% of peak rate and choosing right one really hard to find but before you do investment there are some things you need know in that first is no cryptocurrency till not get legal certificate from any country, Bitcoin is officially banned in china and if you planning to invest money in cryptocurrency then you have to wait for more than 5 to 6 months or more than that because sometime some cryptocurrency may show steady growth or dropped by huge dropped rate so considering all this factor procced for further investment.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

  1. Ripple: Low Priced cryptocurrency who showing steady peak rate of 408% from last 3 month and in last 3 month graph of price Ripple dropping rate is really low as compare to other top 5 cryptocurrency and why Ripple Is number 1 choice of investment is because on 23 December we have witness cryptocurrency crash in which all cryptocurrency are dropped by more than average 22% but that time Ripple was only cryptocurrency who graph showing green signal on which indicate prices are growing, so from that instant Ripple become most favourite as well as most trusted cryptocurrency and always better for long terms investment and also most important things about Ripple is it charges less transaction fees than Bitcoin, Etherum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin.
  2. Bitcoin Cash: This cryptocurrency was launched in July 2017 and in just 6 months prices are hiked from 411 USD to 4147 USD which is really huge because investor who invested their money in July month gets 901.6% profit in invested money, which is really huge as compare to Ethereum and Litecoin so right now in highest market cap list this cryptocurrency showing dominance and expected to taking over Litecoin and in future it will give tough competition to Ethereum, as many people thinking it taking advantage of Bitcoin name or it originated from Bitcoin Family, but it doesn’t matter for investor because name advanced to this cryptocurrency to get more number of investor as well as help to build good market cap value, so short time investor go for Bitcoin, it will gives you high amount of profit in short time means less than 50 days or within a month.
  3. Cardano: This cryptocurrency currently holding 7th position which was launched in October 2017 with Price 0.012 and in less than 3 months prices nearly touched 0.41 with huge peak rate of 3316% because from last 4 to 5 week it showing more than 50% growth rate in prices in per day report and second things why it become favourite right now because Owner of cardano is co-owner of Ethereum which works on more advanced technology than Ethereum in terms of trust and Ethereum support cardano is showing really positive response in graph so both Short timer and long timer investor cardano will be perfect choice and in future it hold good market cap value.
  4. IOTA: MIOTA one of best cryptocurrency in terms of Technology which far better than Blockchain or Ethereum Blockchain as IOTA is worked on Tangle technology which works on directed graph In which two transaction connect with other two which advanced speed of transaction accept time as number of user increased and main feature about IOTA is it eliminated transaction fees and top 5 cryptocurrency except Ripple charges huge transaction fees so many investor to avoid transaction fees will make choice IOTA for investing which create impact on coin market cap which result in future IOTA prices will increased with more than 555% in future, so for investor point of view only long terms investor go for IOTA.
  5. Litecoin: one of the oldest cryptocurrency who was launched in 2013 which has many advanced feature in terms in security, transaction time and storing data as Litecoin was showing good growth rate similar like Bitcoin in December month in which this cryptocurrency maintaining 3rd number spot for more than 2 month but because not able to match peak rate of bitcoin cash and Ripple this cryptocurrency now dropped to 5th position as in terms of peak rate Litecon showing pure dominance by showing 6520% per year growth rate prices hiked from 5 USD to 331 USD all time highest till now in just one year which really huge so those who investing for more than one year go for Litecoin.

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency 2017

  1. Bitcoin: The cryptocurrency because of which grabs attention of everyone and increased excitement in people to know what is cryptocurrency and right now rules cryptocurrency world by holding number one position with huge peak rate was shown in December month because in just one month prices are increase with 6K% as per graph of prices.
  2. Ethereum: second highest market cap holder shows his power after being steady for more than two months after prices hiked from 350 USD to 800 USD in just one month.
  3. Bitcoin cash: newly launched cryptocurrency taking advantage of name Bitcoin become fastest cryptocurrency to enter in top 5 and top 3 position.
  4. Ripple: Ripple is more popular because prices which is nearly 1 USD for each XRP coin so many investor holding this cryptocurrency in coin format.
  5. Litecoin: Litecoin gaining attention after converted low priced cryptocurrency into mid-range cryptocurrency with no bad report in terms of investment and also security is also better.
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