Best Cryptocurrency under $1 Dollar, Cent, Penny to Invest in 2018

Best Cryptocurrency

Right now low price cryptocurreny ruling at coin Market cap, because their growth rate is much more than high price cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and because of faster transaction, low transaction fees, which also accept small payment, so instead of investing money investor attract towards cryptocurrency who price is in cent or under 1 Dollar, Ripple who was started in 2013 with 0.00556 USD and now it reaches up to 3.5 USD all time Highest in 4 Year as few days back Ripple also defeated Ethereum and Bitcoin cash in highest market cap because it accept transaction faster than other top 5 cryptocurrency, as most of Dollar priced coin are on Ethereum based, which handle small payments of Ethereum like cardano, Stellar Lumens also getting more response from investor, because Ethereum blockchain is more secure and fast technology, so to get more percentage on growth in investment amount we have set have set some cryptocurrency as per their performance in Price.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency under $1 Dollar

  1. Tron

    Tron become sensation of December month after showing 2995.23% growth rate in Just month as Price noted on 1st December 2017 is 0.0021 USD and price observed on 31st December is 0.065 USD, which is highest peak rate for cryptocurrency who’s Price is below One Dollar and following this Tron shows huge jumped on coin market ranking by gaining 10th position and now many biggest exchange portal like Binance, Bimex listed Tron with Trade Exchange option, now TRX is closer to reach 10 Billion market cap value very soon will defeat IOTA, Litecoin, NEM.

  2. Verge

    This cryptocurrency is re-launched with more Secure and build with Privacy and now after showing continuous peak rate in December month, this Verge officially enter into top 50 coin in highest market cap, as this gaining more investor because Price rises from 0.0048 USD to 0.13 cent in just one month with 2608.33% per month peak and as per coinmarketcap report this cryptocurrency was launched in 2014, and by taking advantage of age factor Verge right now become second most favourite cryptocurrency who’s price under 1 Dollar.

  3. Cardano

    this cryptocurrency is built with Ethereum Blockchain, which control small payment of Ethereum cryptocurrency and showing huge growth since 1st December and enter into top 5 cryptocurrency which is turning out to be huge achievement with this cardano completes $18 Billion Market cap and now after defeating NEM and Litecoin currently chasing Bitcoin cash and Ripple, as per chart on 1 December Price was 0.11 USD it hiked to 0.70 USD with 536.36% peak rate, so after entering into top 5 cryptocurrency in market cap it started showing less peak rate in new year, which result in this comparison it holding third position.

  4. Siacoin: Siacoin is based on could Blockchain who providing cheapest could storage space which more affordable as compare to Amazon, Google and also focus on Security, redundant which eliminated single point failure in transaction, as Siacoin sales increases because of its rates and they convert their business in cryptocurrency in which their prices also increasing with huge growth as on Beginning of December price is 0.005 USD and then it rises to 0.030 USD with 499.99% and also complete 1Billion Dollar market cap value and now holding 24th* position and giving tough competition to Bytecoin and Bitconnect, as Siacoin also one of the old cryptocurrency who completed 2 years of launch.
  5. Stellar: Stellar Lumens Showing huge growth rate in new year after showing average per month peak rate in December month in which price hiked from 0.080 USD to 0.30 USD with 274.99% peak rate, as this cryptocurrency is focusing on micropayments, mobile money and it takes maximum 5 seconds to accept any transaction, so this will be 5th great choice for investor who wanted to invest in low priced cryptocurrency.

Best Cryptocurrency under Penny

RankingCryptocurrency Name
5Power Ledger

Note: in above table we suggest cryptocurrency with priority.