Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, 2025 | BCH Prediction

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

Bitcoin Cash which is has similar name with Bitcoin which advanced them to showing good growth in cryptocurrency graph BCH showing steady position at highest market with number 3 after seeing this report may this cryptocurrency give tough competition to Ethereum and bitcoin in upcoming years because in 5 to 6 year Bitcoin maximum supply for BTC will reached up to the mark in which there will be steady In price fluctuation which result investor will turn his investment money to other cryptocurrency which is ranking below Bitcoin and now Bitcoin cash is maintains his position so there are huge possibility that in future we could get same ranking in table, which result Bitcoin cash got more investor than top two cryptocurrency as according to last month analysis on BCH there is 12% growth was seen in with prices so with this steady growth rate in January month prices will be nearer to 2300 USD which is more than 5k USD than recent Bitcoin price.

Cryptocurrency NameBitcoin Cash  
Symbol / Short nameBCH
Max Supply21,000,000 BCH
Highest Market cap Position3rd

Note: market position may change

Bitcoin Cash Prediction 2018

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

2017 year turning out to be record breaking year because more than 6 cryptocurrency prices hiking with more than 1000% now we are just few day away to enter into new year which is also biggest year for cryptocurrency just because number of investor and interested people who want to invest money in the cryptocurrency gives huge profit than other investors are increasing which directly shows growth on price of cryptocurrency as Bitcoin cash reaches all time high with $1,901.95 which noted on 14 December 2017 with per day growth of 12% and so with same growth till end of January month of next year Bitcoin cash price will be nearer to 2300 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Prediction 2019

Well two year later from now in terms of prediction 2019 grow more than expectation because 2018 will game changer for cryptocurrency so there are chances some cryptocurrency will be legal in some country and just like china in some country cryptocurrency will be banned in some country but there will steady report in terms of growth rate and if Bitcoin cash will have same growth rate till January 2019 then expected price will be nearer to 5500 USD.

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Bitcoin Cash 2020 Prediction

2020 is technology changer world in which many new technology will replaced man power to machine and in this year cryptocurrency will play major role in currency exchange from one country to another and also many country currency will be officially support for making exchange which makes many things simpler to understand as 2020 will be great year for investor because there will be huge fluctuation in prices and will create opportunity to investor to earn good money as profit and as per expert prediction Bitcoin cash price on 2020 year will cross 10K USD.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2025

Bitcoin cash is currently holding third position in highest market cap in that they have similar max supply for BCH like BTC so as we predicted that after 2020 bitcoin maximum supply reaches to end of limit so investor will started invest in Bitcoin cash so it also huge possibility that Bitcoin cash maximum supply also finished so there will be steady prices there is no big difference in price so Bitcoin cash will not get enough attention on this year also which means there are very less gap in per month price report and also growth rate will be constant for one year then suddenly jump in which make very hard to predict.

BCH Prediction

YearBitcoin Cash Prediction
20182300 USD
20196550 USD
20209650 USD
202519,000 USD

Note: above price set according last one year analysis of Bitcoin cash and we have calculated growth ratio in percentage and by making calculation with same growth for upcoming years.

19th December 2017-update: BCH prices dropping since last week but now today turning out to be good growth ratio 17.96% and with steady price: $2,173.84 USD

201th December 2017-update: Bitcoin cash reaches to all time high with price $3,549.48 USD with huge peak rate of 56.60% and expected to reach 4000 USD in first week of January 2018.