Bitcoin Cash VS Ethereum Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple Forecast, Price Prediction

Bitcoin shocks the cryptocurrency world on 20th December 2017 by reaching highest price all-time with $3605 USD in just one day from $2657 USD with per day peak rate of 35.67 and now it reaches to 55% so there is huge possibility till end of December 2017 there is huge expectation of reaching 5K USD per coin during this Bitcoin cash expected to beat Ethereum in terms of Peak rate, after looking at growth in price of Bticoin we could say name Bitcoin in this cryptocurrency become brand because of leading highest market cap holder as well as the coin which makes cryptocurrency in notice, so following Blockchain technology Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin showing reall good growth since last week and now expected to this 4 coins will help to investor to bags good amount of profit and to makes more simple we have to set below average peak value which help to invest money in more smarter way.

Bitcoin Cash VS Ethereum Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin Ripple
Avg. Per Day Peak Rate 7.5% 15% 21.95% 37.35%
Avg. Per Week Peak Rate 46.42% 102% 153.6% 261.46%
Avg.  Per Month

Peak Rate

197.6% 427% 645.3% 1098.16%
Avg. Per Year Peak Rate 777.1% 12,888% 7744.4% 13178.68%
Avg. 2018 Forecast $4105 USD $950 USD 713.5 USD 8.86 USD

Note: Above report is set by calculating per month price difference then converted into percentage form.

Bitcoin Cash VS Ethereum Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple
Bitcoin Cash VS Ethereum Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple

Bitcoin Cash Vs Ethereum

This competition is for gain second spot becoming very popular now day from last week Etherem was showing good peak rate with 15% per day report which result Ethereum was coming closer to cross $900 USD mark with 427% per month peak rate but compare with Bitcoin cash Ethereum in terms of yearly and monthly peak rate Ethereum is much more better performance in chart but Bitcoin cash not yet completed one year and still giving tough competition and from last week Bitcoin cash doing well in Prices with more than 102% peak and if this report remain steady then Bitcoin cash expected to become 5th most growing cryptocurrency of December month after Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and IOTA.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash Ethereum
Market cap Value $58,378,160,406 USD $78,511,159,723 USD
Position in Highest Market cap 3th 2th 
Per Month Peak Rate 197.6% 427%
Official Website

Conclusion: Ethereum is Winner

Bitcoin Cash Vs Litecoin

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin getting heat from last week because after showing steady report for more than three month in ranking finally cryptocurrency which has low price i.e. Litecoin beat Bitcoin cash and grab third position in highest market for one day but because of high prices and name Bitcoin associated with Bitcoin cash they manage to get their original position but we have seen power of Litecoin and potential future as Litecoin falls in Ethereum team because this both coin uses difference typical ethereum special designed blockchain technology and Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin also follow simple Blockchain who updates very slow and also transaction accept time is really low from last few days Ethereum and Litecoin is showing more peak than Bitcoin team so at end in terms of month wise growth rate Litecoin is winner but considering last week peak report Litecoin is winner.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin cash Litecoin
Market cap Value $58,378,160,406 USD $19,139,703,265 USD
Position in Highest Market cap 3th 5th 
Per Month Peak Rate 197.6% 645.3%
Official Website

Conclusion: Litecoin is winner.

Ethereum Vs Litecoin

Both currency worked on same technology and has same transaction fees, time and way to buy but in more country there is no option to buy Litecoin directly and in that case Ethereum is most used cryptocurrency to exchange trades from ETH to LTC so if Litecoin peak rates in prices increase then following then Ethereum will also increase with 55% of Litecoin’s Peak rate which means Ethereum prices hikes with own number of investor as well as well as Litecoin investor in all peak rate report Ethereum will be winner.

Cryptocurrency Ethereum Litecoin
Market cap Value $78,511,159,723 USD $19,139,703,265 USD
Position in Highest Market cap 2nd 5th 
Per Month Peak Rate 427% 645.3%
Official Website

conclusion: Litecoin will be winner

Ethereum Vs Ripple

Ripple remains steady for very long time but when other cryptocurrency showing huge peak rate in per day that time ripple was showing same nature but when other cryptocurrency started dropping that time Ripple showed up with more than 56% peak rate per week in which result Ripple again defeated Litecoin, IOTA now again showing stable report like previous month and now comparing with Ethereum who was started as mid ranger cryptocurrency who is really impressive in terms on per week peak rate so comparing this coins which has similar rate is really hard but at end because of low price who always show huge growth Ripple wins this battle by very shot difference.

Cryptocurrency Ripple Ethereum
Market cap Value $29,728,923,365 $78,511,159,723 USD
Position in Highest Market cap 4th 2nd
Per Month Peak Rate 1098.16% 427%
Official Website

Conclusion: Ripple will be winner

Bitcoin Cash Vs Ripple

In terms of investment for long timer more than 6 months Ripple coin will be perfect choice for investor and for short timers Bitcoin cash will bags you low but profitable amount if invest big account means you have to buy at least one BCH coin but foe now after looking at fluctuating peak rate investing right now makes you longer wait for profit so instead of going for Bitcoin cash go for Ripple and as we comparing two coins then Ripple will be winner because of huge per year peak rate and bitcoin cash is good for per week peak rate.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash Ripple
Market cap Value $58,378,160,406                $29,728,923,365
Position in Highest Market cap 3rd 4th
Per Month Peak Rate 197.6% 1098.16%
Official Website

Note: Ripple will be winner.

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