Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | BTG Forecast

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction

Bitcoin Gold looks like taking advantage of Bitcoin word in their name just like Bitcoin cash who showing massive growth rate from last two month and almost ready to beat Ethereum and following footsteps of similar name cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold showing steady report and no surprise in price till date but maintaining position and also gaining huge market cap which means investor are showing more interest in this coin as w noted this coin started with 451 USD price in October 2017 and then reaches to all time high record with 496 USD per ATG coin on 11 November 2018 but fail to maintain this peak rate in December which result this cryptocurrency showing steady report when other cryptocurrency increasing with huge prices but as always in cryptocurrency world to grow prices there is need of low prices and If cryptocurrency launched with high prices then it take time but once it started showing growth then percentage will be higher than low priced cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin cash was done in cryptocurrency, so to better understanding when Bitcoin Gold Expected to go up we have set below price prediction which will help to invest your money.

YearBitcoin Gold Price Prediction
2018$ 375USD
2019$1107 USD

Note:showing low peak rate because age of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2018

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction
Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction

On First of December bitcoin gold price was 311 and price noted on 25 December is 309 which is nearly same in which Bitcoin Gold Was showing fluctuation growth and drop in prices with limited range of 300 USD to 390 USD and till end of 2017 year range will be continue and then Bitcoin Gold prices hiking with 120% per month peak in January 2018 and expected to cross 500 USD mark till March 2018 and till December 2018 prices will reach to 1000 USD mark which will be highest price of this cryptocurrency, as BTG is holding 11th position with $5,029,191,477 USD market cap value and because of low price fluctuation investor showing less interest as compare rival cryptocurrency of top 15 cryptocurrency, as BTG giving tough competition to Monero, EOS, Qtum and expected to enter in top 5 position in future.

Month & YearBitcoin Gold Prediction
January 2018$386 USD
February 2018$395 USD
March 2018$424 USD
April 2018$458 USD
May 2018$508 USD
June 2018$650 USD
July 2018$754 USD
August 2018$776 USD
September 2018$843 USD
October 2018$882 USD
November 2018$950 USD
December 2018$1017 USD

Note: as BTG is newly launched cryptocurrency peak rate is steady.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2019

2019 this year Bitcoin Gold complete one year in which price started hiking like other cryptocurrency and expected to cross 15K USD mark till end of 2019 and as we know many cryptocurrency which holding top 5 position maximum supply will over and then price fluctuation will often and limited in range which result investor will start investing in 5 to 10 position holder in highest market cap so Bitcoin Gold enter into 11th position in 4 month and after 1.3 year its really easy to enter into top 10 position so investing right will great choice as we always suggest low priced cryptocurrency to invest but this is mid-price cryptocurrency and reason to recommendation is steady price rate for 3 month which means days of explode date is near so people who planning to invest in Bitcoin gold will earn good profit in 2019 year.

Month & YearBitcoin Gold Price Prediction
January 2019$1007 USD
February 2019$1603 USD
March 2019$1267 USD
April 2019$1359 USD
May 2019$2308 USD
June 2019$2524 USD
July 2019$2820 USD
August 2019$3641 USD
September 2019$5700 USD
October 2019$7434 USD
November 2019$8865 USD
December 2019$10532 USD

Note: above price shows continuous peak rate.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2020

Bitcoin gold Official twitter account makes announcement ambassador program which allow to user become community lead of respective country which really unique feature and they official makes huge announcement after meeting with Yahoo Finance and now In future two year Bitcoin Gold is in queue for making more industrial partnership with big company all over world and there will be payment option for online shopping sites and finance sites of so in 2020 prices will be rising with good peak rate.

Month & YearBitcoin Gold Price Forecast
January 2020$11,099 USD
February 2020$12,466 USD
March 2020$13,235 USD
April 2020$14,353 USD
May 2020$17,652 USD
June 2020$17,645 USD
July 2020$19,582 USD
August 2020$21,346 USD
September 2020$23,045 USD
October 2020$22,327 USD
November 2020$25,732 USD
December 2020$29,853 USD