Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2021, Future Forecast

Bitcoin SV

In the time of cryptocurrency crash Bitcoin SV showing some hope because right BSV price graph is showing positive growth, as this crypto haven’t complete one month still getting huge response and reason behind this is “Bitcoin owner Satoshi Nakamoto himself launched this coin under project Satoshi Vision and also said this is original bitcoin which store original Bitcoin protocol so considering this Satoshi believe this will be turning point for Bitcoin series as he also believe working with original technology which boosts transaction fees and also lower risk of security issues with better user experience.

BSV officials including man behind bitcoin Satoshi believe that with unlimited block size they cryptocurrency will be in the top 3 cryptocurrencies all time by market cap value and also expected to Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and maybe Ethereum also in 5 to 6 months and if current growth rate continue for 1 month from now then it surely grabs attention from investor, as we know cryptocurrency trading is currently facing heat from investor and many of people who invested their money during period of January 2018 to July 2018 is now suffering average 120+% loss and many trading companies already shut down their services in which they forced to customer to take out their invested money from wallet which was turning out to be the biggest loss for many investors.

BSV Price Prediction
BSV Price Prediction

Bitcoin SV Price Prediction 2019

In 2018 there are lots of things happen where we see in first half of the year cryptocurrency changing world and become most trending topic all over world which gets billions of people attending in that many people choosing Cryptocurrency is investing option, but in the second half of the year it started falling down which was unexpected and also with a continuous drop in price changes mind of investor during this many countries also started banning cryptocurrency after china announces their banned south Korea also join club and unofficially some other major also started taking some action on big transaction under cryptocurrency, now talking about new year many people already HODL their investment with hope of at some point in future Crypto price will rise and they can immediately sale their investment but right now many top investor is hoping that things will be different in 2019, most probably initial months will be same as June to December 2018 and then after mid of 2019 probably crypto market again will go up and in this period Bitcoin SV will get more attention than other because it has better features current top cryptocurrency and in a short period of time BSV already beat Tron, Litecoin and Cardano.

BSV Price Prediction Price in $ USD
June 2019 $112 USD
July 2019 $134 USD
August 2019 $129 USD
September 2019 $152 USD
October 2019 $149 USD
November 2019 $160 USD
December 2019 $183 USD
January 2020 $198 USD
February 2020 $219 USD
March 2020 $215 USD
April 2020 $220 USD

Note: the above value is set according to the previous 3-month price report.

BSV price Prediction 2020

2020 is considering to be the biggest year in terms of development and technology, so there will be huge competition in investing world and also many new combine transaction option with fewer fees must available just like Paypal and other assets which has better speed of transaction, fewer transaction fees, and high security with storing huge data of transaction, in this case, cryptocurrency perfectly fit, so talking about BSV price performance in 2020 then it will start year by crossing $200 USD mark and expected to end year by crossing $400 USD and if cryptocurrency is prime method to use in 2020 then there is huge possibility of crossing $1000 USD.

Cryptocurrency Name Bitcoin SV
Ticker Symbol BSV
Year of introduction 2018
Official website
Platform Advanced Blockchain
Max Supply 21,000,000 BSV

Update: on 21st may 2019 Bitcoin SV was trading at $60 USD and on next day it hiked by 76.81% and reached $111.2 USD price which is biggest hiked one day hike of Bitcoin SV, reason behind this unbelievable growth is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto who quoted that BSV is origial Bitcoin and also following Vision which was written on white paper published in 2008, as in the name SV stands for Satoshi Vision which allows user to build their own business such as website and other wed related stuff and with growing business worldwide there is growth in market cap value of BSV, with help of this they able to capture 12th position in highest market cap holder list and expected to enter in top 10 position in upcoming year, so HODL BSV will be great move till end of 2019 or at Beginning of 2020.