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Bytecoin Price Prediction

There was many news coming about Bytecoin many people started thinking Bytecoin is dead means it will lose investor and then prices will be dropped with huge percentage as there is huge expectation from bytecoin because it was launched in 2014 and falls in oldest cryptocurrency and also most trusted cryptocurrency but just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin this cryptocurrency hasn’t show huge peak rate for more than two year and now it gaining attention from December month, started with little peak after march 2017 it maintain their position in top 30 cryptocurrency in market value, as we noted price on Bytecoin on 1 December 2017 nearly 0.0016 USD and it shifted upward by showing 475% growth and reaches to all time high price with 0.0092 USD Per BCN token, Bytecoin has cryptographic algorithm to protect from virus and hacker attack, which also improve fast transaction, and specially worked on reality which improved safety which make every transaction more secure.

YearBCN Price Prediction
End of 2018$0.120 USD
End of 2019$0.902 USD
End 2020$1.93 USD

Note: above value set according previous month performance of Bytecoin.

Bytecoin Price Prediction 2018

Bytecoin being silent for last four year but 2018 is turning out to be good year for Bytecoin because first 5 days of January 2018 month Bytecoin showing 45% average per day peak rate and price changes from 0.0056 USD to 0.0093, which means per day there is 0.009 USD growth and if this growth will maintain in whole January month then in Start of February 2018 prices will be touched nearly 0.0120 and end of 2018 means on December month Prices will touch nearer to 0.1 USD, which is highest growth rate of Bytecoin history on graph, but as we take a look at year wise performance then Bytecoin has worst in terms of price hiking as well as it fail to build good market cap value.

YearBCN Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2018$0.009179 USD
mid of 2018$0.0533 USD
End of 2018$0.120 USD

Note: above value set by considering 45% per day peak rate.

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Bytecoin Price Prediction 2019

In 2019 Bytecoin also shows same performance like previous year because Bytecoin as compare to other cryptocurrency release less updates and also less active on social media but as there are many cryptocurrency which launched in 2017 year is doing better than Bytecoin in terms of technology, making payment method more convenient, improving transaction speed and also now days just like Ripple does lowering prices which result it able to defeat one of the top cryptocurrency Ethereum and now chasing biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin so it looks like in future old cryptocurrency will be replaced by new launched coin and as talking about expected Price of Bytecoin then it will come closer to 1 USD and makes all time highest price.

YearBCN Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2019$0.125 USD
mid of 2019$0.556 USD
End of 2019$0.902 USD

Note: considering 22% per month peak rate since October.

Bytecoin Price Prediction
Bytecoin Price Prediction

Bytecoin Price Prediction 2020

2020 year means almost two year from now so as it surely start with $1 USD and end with nearly 2.5 USD as this is very low peak rate because from 2014 to 2018 prices are hiked with 318.18% which is very low because some other cryptocurrency now days showing same growth for per month, so bytecoin official need to makes changes in technology and has to look forward for making partnership with big industry and company which surely improve market cap value which automatically create impact on prices and also grabs attention of investor and but according to my suggestion don’t invest in Bytecoin.

YearBCN Price Prediction
Beginning of 2020$0.920 USD
mid of 2020$1.65 USD
End of 2020$2.93 USD

Note: 318.18% last 4 year peak rate.

Update-10th May 2018: Bytecoin is currently under maintenance on coin market cap because they facing network problem in which they have released newest version in which most of the bugs are fixed, but in another side BCN Coin is pumped by 8 times of its price in less than 1 week and currently showing average over 25% per day growth rate, as many people believe it might be pumping or dumping of price to get user attention after once it takes huge market cap value and boost in raking prices will start dropping and another reason is biggest trading portal “Binance” makes annoucement of exchange of BCN with BTC & BCN with ETH, but as compare to another trading there is lots of price difference, so many investorstakes huge opportunity by buying BCN Coin from trading portal where price is very low, as we know Bytecoin was launched in 2012 so it has most trust by investor and they are always active with new features so they always in trending.

Bytecoin 82% of total supply already mined after few days of launch, so they are already dealing with the low total supply problem, but right now less than 0.5% is available for trading & mining means they already reach at point where maximum supply is equal to calculating supply where coin prices started hiking with huge percentage just like Ripple who hiked by $2 USD in price in less than 2 weeks from $0.90 USD in February 2018, so for investor if you planning for invest in Bytecoin then go for short time investment other wise because of loss issue you have to wait for longer time.


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