Cardano Coin (Ada) Wallet For iOS, Windows, Android App, Desktop

Cardano Coin Wallet

With the current Hype of “Bitcoins” the world is being taken over by Cryptocurrency. A very similar Ripple like movement in the last days followed up the previous ranging price for Cardano as both are topping previous highs and continuing the day with a 22 percent increase in the last 24-hours. Hence new players are entering the Cryptocurrency market. The latest addition being Cardano. If you are planning to invest in Cardano consider reading further first things first, Cardano is digital currency and not your regular currency regulated by government and printed on paper and coins. You need to have a Cardano Coin Wallet to actually hold the digital currency. The Wallet works like your regular wallet. You can send/receive Cardano(ADA) coins with your wallet. Even converting of Cardano coins into regular currency like USD,Euros,Yen will require you to own a Cardano wallet first. things works by you registering to a wallet services offering company like “” then you can open up your free wallet. Here are the few ways you can open or use your wallet . Make sure you have one of the following

  • On Your Desktop
  • On your iPhone/Android device

Cardano is the first protocol to incorporate Ouroboros, the ground breaking proof of stake algorithm. The Collabrative effort was unique creating a precisely engineered cryptocurrency. Cardano is based on Haskell code which is purely industrial grade. The original Bitcoin blockchain was meant to be a way for individuals to transact directly and anonymously with each other outside the control of banks and governments. But complete Anonymity and Lack of regulation bring their own set of problems which includes fake coins and online frauds. The price of Cardano on October 3-2017 was almost equal to 0.026718 USD and of December 31-2017 is 0.688509 USD. Which indicates a significant increase of 2476.94%.

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Cardano Coin Wallet For Desktop

  • Step-1: Open your browser
  • Step-2:Copy paste this in your search bar : “”
  • Step-3:On the Right Hand Top Corner You will see download button
  • Step-4:Now You have to select your Operating System..(Currently unavailable for Linux)
  • Step-5: Select Your Operating System and the download will start
  • Step-6:Simply press Install and then registration window will popup enter your details and enjoy your free wallet

Cardano Coin Wallet for your Android/iOS Device

Currently No Stable Application has been developed for Android and iOS..We will update as soon as one is launched officially, Stay tuned.

Cardano Coin Wallet
Cardano Coin Wallet

Cardano Coin Price Analysis

Cardano’s market cap has reached $17.7 billion, placing it sixth among active cryptocurrencies and leaping the likes of Litecoin, IOTA and NEM. At last check, the combined value of the crypto universe was approximately $566 billion. The market peaked at nearly $650 billion earlier this month. ADA further aims to tackle a formal process to debate changes in decentralized platforms. Cardano developers realized they need to work within a collective regulations of countries. Bitcoin and its contemporaries have discarded the need for stable identities, metadata and reputation in commercial transactions. Metadata is later used by Advertisements for data mining. Which itself is a big industry increasing the value of Cardano coin.Currently Ripple & Cardano have surpassed Ethereum in market cap size reaching a strong $85 billion.In technical terms we can say when a coin is young, as is the case with ADA, lower time frame charts will inherently need to be used. By doing so, the analysis itself has a lower probability of providing accurate signals. But sure prediction suggests its Sharp growth in the upcoming years. Till 2020 a vast spur can be seen for the Cardano coin.