Cardano Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple Vs IOTA Forecast Price Prediction Comparison

In race of cryptocurrency market cap value is playing main factor which decide ranking of hundreds of coin and this market value depend of peak rate means growth ratio calculated by price difference in cryptocurrency graph which converted into price format, now in this comparison of steady cryptocurrency of highest market cap, Ripple coin holding best performance in every table value started with per year to per day peak rate so till end of 2018, Ripple showing strong expected value and which indicate its perfect choice for investment, now after Ripple, Litecoin is second strongest contender in investment list as Litecoin prices showing huge growth rate in last month which result they able to get good perfomanece in year wise peak rate and then cardano who having smillar stats like Litecoin also in list of recommendation for shot time investor, so take look at below stats and invest your money to get more percentage.

Cardano Vs Litecoin VS Ripple Vs IOTA

Avg. Per Day Peak Rate7.5%21.95%37.35%2.31%
Avg. Per Week Peak Rate52%153.6%261.46%16.19%
Avg.  Per Month

Peak Rate

Avg. Per Year Peak Rate2650%7744.4%13178.68%816.6%
Avg. 2018 Forecast1.19 USD713.5 USD8.86 USD7.4 USD

Note: Above percentage are set calculating previous prices in daily graph of cryptocurrency which are 95% true with actual report and avg. forecast also considering month wise peak rate.

Cardano Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple Vs IOTA
Cardano Vs Litecoin Vs Ripple Vs IOTA

Cardano Vs Litecoin

Cardano falls in low priced cryptocurrency which means there is no surprise if their prices hikes with more than 5K% in year average peak but Litecoin who was started with 5.5 per coin falls in below average price per coin showing more than 5K% in growth is really amazing because according three moving average in cryptocurrency we have seen less growth in below average priced cryptocurrency so in this battle Litecoin is final winner in terms of percentage but there is also drawback with mid-ranger because once they hike with huge percentage then it started dropping after certain time out which create U shaped graph so there is ups and down in continuous 3 months moving average.

Market cap Value$14,230,176,373 USD$19,139,703,265 USD
Position in Highest Market cap6th5th  
Per Month Peak Rate220.8%645.3%

Note: above value set on Date: 19th December 2017 which show continuous fluctuation, in conclusion litecoin is winner.

Ripple Vs IOTA

IOTA is attention seeker from last week because of it launches with new technology Tangle which worked on basis of Directed Graph to replace Blockchain worked on block basis but in this comparison IOTA Tangle takes lead in terms on technology and one of the best feature is it charges very less fees and also transaction completion process is faster who accept low priced transaction with same time and Ripple is simple digital payment based currency which started transaction with help of Blockchain as because of number of cryptocurrency based on Blockchain now main source of buying ripple coin is from Blockchain so talking in terms of Technology IOTA is better at performance in transaction time, fees and more safer than Ripple, but Ripple who just jumped on 3rd position and again come to 4th position as in initial days of December month Ripple started falling downside and that time IOTA takes lead with showing 1040% growth rate but after that for continuous one week it shows drop in price which result Ripple takes momentum and beat Litecoin and IOTA to regain its position and talking about investment then Ripple will be great and stable choice who’s profit rate is fixed.

Market cap Value$31,262,877,283 USD$11,243,839,287 USD
Position in Highest Market cap4th7th
Per Month Peak Rate1098.16%68%

Conclusion: Ripple is winner.

Litecoin Vs IOTA

IOTA and Litecoin has some similarity like both are started with same per coin price and last month they shows same almost peak rate in cryptocurrency graph but as we compare in long terms graph then Litecoin is prices peak rate is much higher than IOTA because of main drawback of IOTA is its once it started growing it shows huge peak rate but after some time with half drop rate it again reaches to average growth which indirectly means IOTA has half peak  rate than above mentioned value so in this Battle Litecoin is winner again and as Litecoin is based on Ethereum blockchain technology so in terms on advanced performance IOTA is winner.

Market cap Value$19,139,703,265 USD$11,243,839,287 USD
Position in Highest Market cap5th7th
Per Month Peak Rate645.3%68%

Conclusion: Litecoin is winner.

Cardano Vs Ripple

Ripple is one of the most stable and continuous who’s price is really low which result many investor can actual buy average more than 55 coins in per investment according to sources so it surely creating good impact on number of coin sold and also people who were mining for cryptocurrency giving more priority of low priced cryptocurrency and in current situation Ripple is most favourite low priced cryptocurrency but in other side cardano is also again enough attention just because it Is founded by co-owner of second highest market cap holder Ethereum co-owner which result in future cardano will give tough competition, and now they may ended with tie result.

Market cap$14,230,176,373$31,262,877,283 USD
Position in Highest Market cap6th4th
Growth Rate Per month220.8%1098.16%

Conclusion: Tie. Both winners

Cryptocurrency priority to Invest

PriorityCryptocurrencyForecast & Price Prediction
1stRippleRipple Forecast
2ndLitecoinLitecoin Forecast
3rdCardanoCardano Forecast
4thIOTAIOTA Forecast

Note: makes sure you’re investing money for long time which is nearly 5 to 6 month which help you bag good amount of profit in future and to get more analysis of Forecast and Price Prediction take a look at third column.