Clear Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020, Forecast Future Till $5 USD

Clear Coin Price Prediction

Clear Coin currently distributing Token via Initial Coin Offering and going to end of 31st March 2018 and immediately after ICO there will be index of Clear Coin on where it will start displaying Ranking sorted by Market Cap Value, as Clear is Coin is based on Blockchain where user can Buy and Sell Media like Music, video instant with real-time marketplace, as per team mentioned on official till now over $5 million USD market cap Value is generated and till end of Token it will crossed $0.10 Per Coin Price and also there will be $10+ million market value generated and they already associated with big brands of world like Pepsi, Mac D, Nestle, Coca Cola, Honda and many more company along with different Features like marketers, brands and customer relationship, agencies, ad Network just like Tron Cryptocurrency, Publisher networks, demand side platform and Supply side Platform.

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Clear Coin Price Prediction 2018

As mentioned in Clear Coin official website till end of Token price will be nearer to $0.10 USD means in April 2018 there will be Price near about $0.12 USD and following ICO with huge number of investor suddenly increased create good impact on marketcap value then price start hiking with huge percentage just like other cryptocurrency once get indexed so Clear Coin may hit $1 USD till end of April 2018 and talking about future forecast then $5 USD mark will be reached till August 2018 and again following 120% peak rate till end of 2018 year with per month cryptocurrency crash Clear Coin will worth over $10 USD, as there is no previous 3 month report in which we can calculate average percentage of growth so we will consider ICO starting Price and ICO Ending price to calculate percentage in which ICO current Price is $0.065 USD and ICO closing price is $0.10 USD means per month growth rate is 60%.

Month & YearClear Coin Price Prediction
April 2018$1 USD
August 2018$5.8 USD
December 2018$10 USD

Note: with 120% Per month for 2 to 3 months.

Clear Coin Price Prediction 2020

If we consider 60% per month Growth from March 2018 then in 2020 Price will be crossed $100 USD mark but practically its not happening because in every cryptocurrency there will cryptocurrency crash in which specific crypto is falling with huge dropped rate and sometimes it reaches to point where that coin was launched so there is huge expectation that Clear Coin will star 2020 new year by crossing $50 USD mark and maintaining same growth it will crossed $70 USD mark till end of 2020 with 200%, as this cryptocurrency has huge maximum supply of 1 Billion coins will be available for trading and mining in this over 10% Coins will be distributed in ICO or Pre token Sale, so if there huge supply then price changes will be more than current top cryptocurrency, which makes clear coin trending and keep getting number of investor.

Month & YearClear Coin Price Prediction
January 2020$52 USD
August 2020$61 USD
December 2020$73 USD

Note: 30% Growth Rate for per month obtained dividing current Growth by 2.

Clear Coin Price Prediction
Clear Coin Price Prediction

Clear Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameClear Coin
Ticker SymbolCLR
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000 CLR
PlatformMedia Blockchain
Year of Introduction2017