Credits (CS) Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020, Cryptocurrency Future Forecast 2019

Credits Price Prediction

Credits is become one of the fastest transaction time holder cryptocurrency with 0.01 second transaction approval time and over 1 million transaction can be done for per second, which is basis on Blockchain Technology but it has Autonomous smart Contacts also allow to create different type of Blockchain based services using Smart Contacts, as right now cryptocurrency is concentrating on Smart Contact to improve user experience which provide all details of every transaction by pointing previous Transaction and as per officials this coin is suitable for every financial service, currency exchange, Identification of Investor and Internet of Things IoT which is firstly used in IOTA Coin which is right now Top highest market cap holder list, Credits also Associated with different application along with paradigm-shifting Capabilities to Industries Application as this services in market cost Trillions of Dollar in price.

Credits Coin Price Prediction 2018

Credits Coin Initial Coin Offering is finished on 18th February 2019 via ERC-20 Ethereum Token on Etherescan now talking about Price Prediction after gets listed on Coinmarketcap CS Coin reaches all time highest till 7th March 2018 after crossing $1 USD on 6th March 2018, as from last 5 days there is huge price fluctuation which result it gaining attention from investor, so considering feature of this coin, it surely indicate that this Coin will be again biggest cryptocurrency of 2018, so Credits will reach $5 USD mark till August 2018 by maintaining 100% per month Growth Rate and following same rate it will crossed 10 USD mark till end of 2018, as in every cryptocurrency run there is sudden surge in price in which prices started rising with skyrocket speed so there Is huge chances of Crossing $30 USD till end of 2018.

Month & YearCredits Price Prediction
April 2018$5 USD
August 2018$7 USD
December 201$12 USD

Note: with 100+% Per month Growth Rate.

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CS Coin Price Prediction 2020

CS Coin Will start by crossing $30 USD mark means on January 2020 there will be Average price of $30 USD and maintaining 120% per month peak rate till end of 2020 Credits Coin will cross $50 USD mark, so investing right now will be perfect choice, as in 2018 Credits Coin already 50% of Supply is distributed according to report of means in 2 to 3 months prices will explode and start surging with huge percentage for one month so there are huge possibility that 2020 Price Prediction may achieved in 2018 year.

Month & YearCS Coin forecast
January 2020$31 USD
August 2020$42 USD
December 2020$51 USD

Note: with 120% Per month Peak Rate.

Credits Price Prediction
Credits Price Prediction

CS Cryptocurrency Forecast

In 2019 Credits Coin will show unbelievable because Maximum Supply will nearly equal to Calculating Supply and will show same performance of Ripple at Beginning of 2018 in which Ripple Reaches to all time highest with $3.5 USD, as right now there many partners are associated with Credits network like TWEX, Octanox, Travel Chain, Real Casino, SOMA and other company also close to make partnership.

Credits Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameCredits Coin
Ticker SymbolCS
Year of Introduction2018
Total Supply249,471,071 CS
ExchangesKucoin, IDEX, Tidex, DDEX