Cryptocurrency Crash: Why Ethereum is falling Down Today? | Forecast

Why Ethereum is Falling Today

Today morning everyone is shocked because along with Ethereum all other cryptocurrency prices dropped with more than 20% percentage as whole world wanted to know what happening to cryptocurrency, is it cryptocurrency crash?, here we begin as when bitcoin and Etherem prices was starting increasing with huge peak rate at initial week of December month which result December turning out to be best month of cryptocurrency in this year because from becoming popular in investment category along with this coin market also become highest search topic in many search engine, but now it’s really surprising because generally there 5 to 6 cryptocurrency falls on same day but today is different for cryptocurrency world because only Ripple coin is survive in this breakdown but other cryptocurrency prices are dropped by 40% average drop rate.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ethereum is Falling Down

  1. High Price: Etherum is started with average price but in last three Month Ethereum prices almost reach to 800 USD so as compare to Litecoin, Ripple and Cardano its really high so investor not showing interest right.
  2. Often Fluctuation: from 2nd week of December price difference as compare to Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ripple is really low which result Ethereum now getting low response from Investor.
  3. Mysterious Name: there many mystery in name of Ethereum and there rumours that Ethereum will dump investor in future according many trader report.
  4. Hacker Attack: many hacker from South Korea and other country targeting top cryptocurrency whose prices and market cap is in top 5 position.
  5. Low Security: Ethereum security is creating power in terms of trust of investor and user later now team is finding what they missing in technology and making appropriated changes.
  6. Presence of Cardano: cardano who become popular after showing 100% per day peak rate for continuous 3 days which result prices hikes with huge margin and expected to reach 1 USD mark very soon, as main thing about cardano is this cryptocurrency own by co-founder of Ethereum which result this cryptocurrency is also worked on similar technology.
  7. 2nd Position: Ethereum is currently holding 2nd number position with low calculating supply of ETH so investor are showing interest buying bitcoin cash or litecoin.
  8. Steady Report: Etherem price are stable for two month straight as many investor cash out invested money in first Week of December month and that instant prices started hiking with huge peak rate which result many people started losing interest over Ethereum.
  9. Limitation: Ethereum worked under its separate Ethereum Blochain who has lots of limitation and rules which makes many user unhappy.
  10. Less Announcement: Ethereum is not keep updated to user as other cryptocurrency officials always makes pre announcement about upcoming technology as well as changes in system.

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When cryptocurrency start Hiking?

Ethereum Falling Down
Ethereum Falling Down

December month was best month for cryptocurrency but one bad day can’t ruin whole month because today is like black day for cryptocurrency because prices are dropped with huge difference compare to previous week performance but after from now there is small growth was seen in cryptocurrency prices which result after 24 hours every coin will start growing with small but positive in terms on percentage, so December will be finished with profitable prices of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum forecast

Ethereum is now dropped by 18% in prices but till first week of January month with 250% per week growth rate it will cross all time high mark of 1000 USD per coin and become third cryptocurrency to reached to this milestone after Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, as talking about forecast Ethereum per month peak rate is nearly 427% and per week peak rate is 102% so considering this peak rate Ethereum till end of December expected touch 900 USD and in mid-January 2018 will crossed 1000 mark.