DigiByte Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | DGE Forecast

DigiByte Price Prediction

DigiByte completed 4 years in cryptocurrency world but as compare other cryptocurrency who having same age then DigiByte haven’t shown huge growth rate after July 2017, which result other newly launched cryptocurrency beat DGE in Price, as talking about growth this coin showing very steady report because it was launched with 0.001 USD and for three year there is no growth seen in the prices which means investor not taking any interest in Digibyte then at beginning of 2017 prices are dropped which huge drop rate which result price shift to 0.0002 USD but that time cryptocurrency not so popular and other top cryptocurrency was showing same ups and downs in prices, as DGE after being steady for 5 months suddenly in June month with 400% growth rate it jumped on 0.005 USD and reason behind this is Digibyte become more active by changing in technology, transaction become more faster, secure and also it gives protection to mining so new DigiByte started creating via Mining so indirectly it able to build good coin market cap Value, so considering fluctuation in prices we have set below value which is not 100% true but it may be closer to actual report.

Year DGE Price Prediction
End of 2018 $9.20 USD
End of 2019 $19.902 USD
End 2020 $52.93 USD

Note: above value set with 77% per month growth rate.

Digibyte Price Prediction 2018

DigiByte showing good peak rate in 2018 year in jus t5 days Prices are hiked from 0.06 USD to $1.20 USD with 100% growth and in December month Digibyte shows noticeable growth just like other cryptocurrency, so there are hug possibility that this year turning out to be biggest year and expected reach all time highest record by crossing 5 USD in August month, so right now Digibyte is holding 36th rank on highest market cap and if above prediction turning out be true then, DGE will shows huge jump in ranking, which indirectly create impact on price in future but right now there are other cryptocurrency who doing exceptionally well as showing huge peak they are chasing top 5 cryptocurrency like Tron, Verge, NEM so now days this cryptocurrency getting more attention than below top 20 currency.

Year DGE Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2018 $1.20 USD
mid of 2018 $5.33 USD
End of 2018 $9.120 USD

Note: price difference In above table is 0.98 USD.

Digibyte Price Prediction
Digibyte Price Prediction

Digibyte Price Prediction 2019

2019 year will be slower to every cryptocurrency in terms of changes in price so, because in this year there is huge possibility number of increasing investor will be stable because till then everyone knows about cryptocurrency as well as it also become easier to invest, as this days some of cryptocurrency is not available for direct buy and you have to buy top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum then convert or trade exchange with desire cryptocurrency which result top coin getting more profit in terms of transaction fees and other stull, so Ripple introduced no transaction fees payment, which result this cryptocurrency able beat one of steady cryptocurrency for year I.e. Ethereum and gain second spot on highest market cap value.

Year DGE Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2019 $9.525 USD
mid of 2019 $15.56 USD
End of 2019 $19.90 USD

Note: considering 1 USD per month price difference.

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Digibyte Price Prediction 2020

In January 2020 Digibyte expected to cross 100 USD mark and if this possible then it able to hold strong future because other top cryptocurrency maximum supply may get over which result price boost for Digibyte and in this age will be matter as Digibyte will complete 7 year of launched in 2020, so it will be more advanced than ever and also eliminated transaction fees, technology accept more number of transaction per second and also in future also dealing partnership with top company and industry which result it able to build good market cap value, which directly effect on market cap.

Year DGE Price Prediction
Beginning of 2020 $19.20 USD
mid of 2020 $26 USD
End of 2020 $55.3 USD

Note: by considering 8.5 USD price difference above value set.