Digixdao Coin Price Predictions How to buy, price chart, news, slack, wallet

Digixdao Coin Price Predictions How to buy

Digixdao another major rising and shining Cryptocurrency in this crypto world. In this article we will try to provide you all necessary details about Digixdao Coin such as price chart, how to buy, wallet and price predictions or forecast. If you are interested in DGD price predictions or forecast then read another paragraph below on the same.There is also brand new Cryptocurrency released in Australia for local trading for Australians that is Strayacoin. If you want to know about forecast of straya coin then read out post on:-

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What is Digixdao?


DGD is ranking on 33rd position in the coinmarket.com list of top cryptocurrencies in terms of current market capitalization. Official website of DGD coin is ‘digix.global’. This coin Digixdao also known as DGD in short. In the beginning of this year 2018 on 1st January the price of 1 DGD was around $156 USD. And today on 4th February 2018 it costs around 257$. This means that Digixdao coin has been grown by around 60% in less than a month.

One more noticeable thing is in the last month all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin are going down even though Digixdao coin price is increasing.

How to buy Digixdao in Australia, US, UK?

There are few steps you should follow as below in terms of buying or investing in Digixdao. You will need to first create Digixdao wallet then you will need to buy Ethereum. And last but not least you will need to exchange Ethereum with DGD. This guide should not be treated as any recommendation or suggestion or advice to invest in DGD. You should invest in cryptocurrencies at your own risk because their price is volatile and depends on multiple factors such as supply and demand and financial status.

Follow below steps as mentioned:-

  1. Visit Myetherwallet.com
  2. Sign up or create new wallet by entering your password
  3. Download and Keep your keystore file safe and secure, offline also.

You should print out the private keys which unencrypted and storing it somewhere safe. Because we can’t rely 100% on system or network. Your computer may get corrupt, hacked or attacked.

Never ever share your private details with anyone to keep your wallet safe and secure.


DGD is a token used in Digixdao protocol which is decentralized and autonomous. While DGX represents 1 gram of pure gold which is gone through proof of Asset protocol. This gold bars can be proved by using Ethereum Blockchain such that they are valid.

Digixdao Price Predictions 2018, 2020, 2025

Below we have provided what are future predictions of Digixdao coin in the year 2018, 2020 and 2025. If we consider past 3 months performance of DGD, we can say it has grown with rate of around 700%. If we count future price of 1 DGD in next 3 months it might reach around 1500$ USD. Because in the month of October price of 1 DGD was in the range of 60 to 70$ USD. And right now it is in the house of 400$ USD. And if things goes on like this at the end of the year 2018 price of 1 DGD coin may reach around 5000$ USD.

if we suppose same growth rate for year 2020 and 2025 the price of 1 DGD coin could reach in 20k $ USD and 50k$ USD respectively.

Read below note carefully:-

As Past performance never guarantees the future result or predictions, above predictions may fail based on the future market condition at that time.


Cryptocurrency name DigixDao
Ticker Name DGD or DGX
Platform Blockchain
Maximum Supply NA
Official Website digix.global
Date of Introduction April 2016
Partners NA
Country NA