Dragon Chain (DRGN Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025 | Future Forecast

Dragon Chain Price Prediction

Disney designed Open Source Blockchain for Dragon Chain with ticker symbol DRGN Coin, as right now 55% percentage of token supply is distributed which means 45% of Total supply is right now available for user, as Dragon chain is getting huge popularity because of there many factor which is fulfilled by this cryptocurrency started from security to market place with Amazon services, as along with Disney there is small involvement of Xbox owner, as this cryptocurrency was introduced in 2015 and after 2.5 year they finally launched cryptocurrency and distributed 10% initial coin offering and now continue to dominating in coin market cap list, as right now Dragon Chain is about to enter into top 50 list of highest market cap holder and also crossed 450 million USD cap value and giving tough competition to Verge, Ethereum Classic, Digibyte, Kucoin Shares and many other.

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Dragon Chain Price Prediction 2018

As Dragon is was listed in December 2017 and on 1st of December 2017 this coin trading with average price of 0.23 USD and showing consistent growth per day growth of 34%, it reaches to all time highest till date with 5.23 USD on 13th January 2018 and following cryptocurrency, this coin stared showing continuous dropped till 2nd week of February 2018 and now from 15th February 2018 it showing small but steady growth in price with average 0.45 USD Price, as this coin is already crossed $1 USD, $5 USD mark, but there are two upcoming target i.e. $10, $50, $100 USD, in which there are huge possibility that $10 mark will achieved in 2018 year and also able to build good market cap value and also become next Ethereum of cryptocurrency world in which many company will try to make partnership with them, as right now this coin is showing

Month & YearPrice Prediction
May-18 $      6.70
Jun-18 $      7.30
Jul-18 $      7.96
Aug-18 $      8.68
Sep-18 $      9.46
Oct-18 $   10.31
Nov-18 $   11.24
Dec-18 $   12.25

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Dragon Chain Price Prediction 2020

Dragon Chain Price Prediction
Dragon Chain Price Prediction

Dragon Chain in 2020 will start with 37 USD price on if current growth rate of 9% percent is being steady for 2 year and will ended with nearly $95 USD price, which means Dragon coin expected to crossed $100 USD mark in Beginning of 2021 year, so is cryptocurrency is comes under both long time investment and short time investment, as in every cryptocurrency run when calculating supply is comes closer to total supply that time most of time cryptocurrency prices increased with huge percentage, as Dragon chain maximum supply as to finished till end of April 2018 or march 2018 after looking current response from investor, so buying right now will be awesome choice and will give huge profit in upcoming 4 to 5 months and as per official website with technology and performance this coin will be give tough competition to other and never disappoint user

Jan-19 $   13.35
Feb-19 $   14.55
Mar-19 $   15.86
Apr-19 $   17.29
May-19 $   18.84
Jun-19 $   20.54
Jul-19 $   22.39
Aug-19 $   24.40
Sep-19 $   26.60
Oct-19 $   29.00
Nov-19 $   31.60
Dec-19 $   34.45
Jan-20 $   37.55
Feb-20 $   40.93
Mar-20 $   44.61
Apr-20 $   48.63
May-20 $   53.00
Jun-20 $   57.77
Jul-20 $   62.97
Aug-20 $   68.64
Sep-20 $   74.82
Oct-20 $   81.55
Nov-20 $   88.89
Dec-20 $   96.89

Dragon Coin

Cryptocurrency NameDragon chain
Ticker SymbolDRGN
Total Supply433,494,437 DRGN
Official Websitedragonchain.com
Year of Introduced2015
PlatformBusiness Blockchain
CountryUnited States of America
ExchangesGate.io, Coinexchange.io, Tidex, EtherDelta, Kucoin
WalletMyEther Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Ethereum Mist DApp, MetaMask

Note: above information not 100% True.