Enigma (ENG Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020 Future Forecast Till $10 USD

Enigma Price Prediction

Right now cryptocurrency suffering from very worst condition after top coins showing continuous drop in their price since March 2018 and there is no recovery seen in any of them but if any cryptocurrency start showing little percentage of growth then it creates buzz in trending list, so Enigma making headline from last two days after showing consistent growth of 15+% in their price and reason behind this is nothing but new partnership with Intel’s Software Guard Extensions to improve security of blockchain, as Enigma Is already designed to provide security to data along with computation of data and also converting Smart contacts into Secret contacts which helps to hide input data from user, so enigma after partnership with Intel became stronger than the previous version and also investor will show special interest in Enigma.

Enigma Coin Price Prediction 2018

Enigma on 21st June 2018 trading at average price of $1.70 USD with average peak rate of 20%, as this token cryptocurrency doing well in June 2018, as right now from top 100 cryptocurrency showing more than 5% of growth rate, so this fluctuation in price will help Enigma to take huge jump in ranking as they already into top 80 cryptocurrency, Enigma was listed on coinmarketcap.com on October 2017 with price $0.61 USD price but things going not in favour because this coin was showing little bit of drop in price which results at beginning price are steady but after this when cryptocurrrency world started gaining attention i.e. from December 2018 Enigma is on the moon and after showing better performance in December 2018, on 11th January 2018 Eng coin crossed $8 USD mark and also set all time highest record till now.

Month & Year ENG Coin Price Prediction
August 2018 $2.1 USD
October 2018 $2.8 USD
December 2018 $3.2 USD

Note: above price are set according price noted on June 2018.

Enigma Coin Price Prediction
Enigma Coin Price Prediction

Enigma Price Forecast 2020

Right now it looks like cryptocurrency world is ending soon because interest of investing money also becoming lower because of there are lots of security issue currently facing by lots of cryptocurrencies and also trading portal also facing issue from hackers and lots of rumours about cryptocurrency banned following banned in china country, but as Enigma having better security option so in future there is huge possibility that enigma will be entered into top 20 coins list, as today over 50% total supply is still available for trading, so till 2020 it will cost around $30 USD and will end year by crossing $35 USD mark and if there is price on the moon event then ENG will cross $55 USD mark till mid of 2020 which will be great and it will help to get huge attention from users.

Month & Year ENG Coin Price Prediction
January 2020 $32.1 USD
June 2020 $38.8 USD
December 2020 $43.2 USD

Note: Above price are considering average 30% per month growth rate.

Enigma Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Enigma Project
Ticker Symbol ENG coin
Total Supply 150,000,000 ENG
Official Website Enigma.co
Technology Smart Contact Blockchain
Listing on coinmarketcap.com October 2018