EOS Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | EOS Forecast Estimate

EOS Price Prediction

EOS blockchain based cryptocurrency was launched in July 2017 with 1.2 USD Price now showing continuous peak rate and now on 26 December 2017 prices are reached to 9.91 USD and just like other cryptocurrency December month turning out to be best for EOS for Price hiking by reaching all time high price record of 12.46 USD on 19 December and expected to cross 15 USD mark till first week of 2018 with current per day peak of 20%, as December month EOS prices was 2.91 which are shifted in the range of 9 USD to 12 USD maintaining same growth rate of 336.42% from 1st December and from launched EOS showing peak rate of 1170% which is really impressive as there are lots of negative comments and rumours are spreading that EOS cryptocurrency is fake and doing scam with investor which was sorted out and now investing in ROS is safe after they started accepting investment in terms of Ethereum which means in future EOS has awesome future.

Year EOS Price Prediction
2018 $16 USD
2019 $72 USD
2020 $576 USD

Note: As EOS is not yet complete one year so above value set according to EOS lifetime percentage.

EOS Price Prediction
EOS Price Prediction

EOS Price Prediction 2018

EOS is nothing but software which gives introduction a Blockchain Architecture to access vertical and horizontal scaling of Decentralized application and growing day by day because of this structure of blockchain is enhanced version of Blockchain which accept millions of transaction per second without charging transaction fees, as eliminating transaction fees after ripple, IOTA now EOS looking forward expected to come closer to top 6th position in highest market cap value as we have already mentioned expected EOS price which is nearly $12 USD will be easily achieved and till end of 2018 EOS will cross 50 USD mark with same per month growth rate.

Month & Year EOS Prediction
January 2018 $16 USD
February 2018 $17 USD
March 2018 $14 USD
April 2018 $22 USD
May 2018 $28 USD
June 2018 $35.2 USD
July 2018 $37 USD
August 2018 $47.6 USD
September 2018 $54.3 USD
October 2018 $62 USD
November 2018 $65 USD
December 2018 $72 USD

Note: in September month EOS expected to cross 50 USD mark.

EOS Price Prediction 2019

EOS facing lots of problem in terms of trust which expected to solve till 2019 and expected to launched direct buy instead of using Ethereum to exchange as currently EOS is working of Buy and sell using Ethereum coin to provide trust to investor and as EOS already entered into top 15 cryptocurrency in highest market cap which indirectly indicate there are millions of user investing money right and feeling safe so as per my recommendation investing right now in EOS will be perfect choice, which gives you good profit amount n future as talking about EOS prices, 2019 will started with 70+ USD and end with 500+ USD in December month, with following same peak rate of 66% per month.

Month & Year EOS Price Prediction
January 2019 $75 USD
February 2019 $103 USD
March 2019 $127 USD
April 2019 $159 USD
May 2019 $248 USD
June 2019 $292 USD
July 2019 $322 USD
August 2019 $384.1 USD
September 2019 $420 USD
October 2019 $434 USD
November 2019 $486.5 USD
December 2019 $532 USD

Note: we have set monthly average price in above table.

EOS Price Prediction 2020

EOS expected to reach 1K USD mark at end of 2020 or beginning of 2021 year so EOS for long time investment will turn your 1K USD to 7K USD, which will be enough profit in just 5 to 6 month and if you are investing for more than 2 year then same investment expected to turn into 24K USD, so its perfect time to invest in EOS as there is no scam report from last few observed and user also giving positive response.

Month & Year EOS Price Forecast
January 2020 $566 USD
February 2020 $576 USD
March 2020 $635 USD
April 2020 $6453 USD
May 2020 $725 USD
June 2020 $745 USD
July 2020 $792 USD
August 2020 $836 USD
September 2020 $830.5 USD
October 2020 $927 USD
November 2020 $952 USD
December 2020 $983 USD

Note: till End of December or first week of January 2021 EOS will crossed 1,000 USD mark.