Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | ETC Forecast

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic Was launched July 2017 with very low price of $2.2 USD and joining family of Ethereum it showing very noticeable growth rate from last 3 weeks on December month, as ETC prices reaches on time high on 21 December 2017 with 42.72 and then in cryptocurrency crash along others it started showing fluctuation in price with limited range of $28 USD to $35 USD which become attention seeker for investor point of view, This cryptocurrency is based on Open source blockchain in which some newly launched features added like Smart contact and also provide to user Decentralized computing which uses ETC as symbol for trade exchange, as Ethereum classic was facing some issue in system in October month in which prices started dropping with huge drop ratio then to avoid of DoS attack they Introduced ECIP-1050 and also changes monetary policy with unlimited token emission, so right now Ethereum classic giving tough competition to ICON, Lisk and Bitconnect.

Year Ethereum classic Price Prediction
End of 2018 165 USD
End of 2019 810 USD
End of 2020 5108 USD

Note: Above Value set by calculation 3 year movie average.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2018

Ethereum classic Price Prediction
Ethereum classic Price Prediction

October was turning point for Ethereum classic because on 1 October 2017 $11.2 USD then with 212.5% peak rate ETC price nearly touched $35 USD in just three month and in December it shows steady report so if this moving 3 month average maintain for two times in year then at end of 2018 prices of ETC will be cross $100 USD mark and reached up to 165 USD so In another word if you invest 100 USD right now then following prediction mentioned above in just one year your will get 3K USD which is really huge profit as compare to top cryptocurrency right now, and just like Bitcoin cash who reaches to 3rd position by taking advantage of Bitcoin, ETC will take advantage of Ethereum.

Year ETC Price Prediction
Beginning  of 2018 35 USD
Mid of 2018 94 USD
Ending of 2018 165 USD

Note: considering January month average peak rate

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Ethereum classic Price Prediction 2019

In 2019 ETC prices will nearer to 800 USD and may complete 1K USD mark in next year as Ethereum is open source system in which no one owns Ethereum Technology which can be programmed by anyone under some restriction and it also allow user to use pre-defined operation just like Bitcoin Transaction and it also use Ethereum Virtual machine as Ripple is gaining huge attention from in cryptocurrency world in which Ripple beat Ethereum for second number in highest market cap value, so along with Ethereum their Blockchain based product like cardano and ethereum classic also started showing steady report on price in graph which will be start fluctuation once its regain their original position

Year ETC Prediction
Beginning  of 2019 190 USD
Mid of 2019 440 USD
Ending of 2019 810 USD

Note: considering 6 months average peak rate.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 there is huge peak in every cryptocurrency so ETC prices expected to reach 10K USD mark and it will gives lots of money to who invested in 2018 so choosing right now if you’re planning to invest cryptocurrency will be also valuable choice and in this year every country finally makes official annocement on cryptocurrency future and many country government already warn citizen to do not invest your many in cryptocurrency so there is mx review of having cryptocurrency so there is also huge possibility that price fluctuation will be often in 2020.

Year ETC Forecast
Beginning  of 2020 965 USD
Mid of 2020 2541 USD
Ending of 2020 5108 USD

Note: set above figure by taking year moving average of etc prices