Flash Coin Price, Cryptocurrency, How to Buy Flash Coin, Prediction

Flash Coin

A Very interesting name which is based on Flash Superhero character just like name it special designed for Lightning fast peer to peer transaction, which is more responsive for Small or low amount payment and also charges low transaction fees, as this cryptocurrency work on very special technology which is Flash Blockchain having delegated proof of work it allows quicker and more efficient processing in Blockchain transaction and GoVnodes assigns validation in every transaction under Flash Blockchain and they also allow to developer via API to try their system, As Flash coin was launched in July 2017 as very low priced cryptocurrency with 0.013 USD per coin and after being stable till end of December Month, it started with showing awesome peak rate on new year and in just 7 days Price touches all-time high with $0.184259 with 452.22% Growth rate and also in Market cap it cross 100M mark in just 6 month of launched, so this cryptocurrency holding great Future.

Flash Coin Price

There are 900m Flash coin was sold out for testing purpose which has zero value and it officially launched with Price 0.01314 USD and reaches all time highest with 0.21 USD price on 8th January 2018 with huge lifetime peak rate of 1498.17% and in January prices expected to fluctuated with 0.1 USD to 0.2 USD.

How to Buy Flash Coin?

Flash coin recently got fame after showing 700% peak rate on January month, and enter into top 200 cryptocurrency of market cap and closer to enter into top 100 coin, as once it enter into this list then number of investor will be increase because of low price cryptocurrency, so before you it already late then Buy Flash coin using below steps.

  • Cryptopia

Right now cryptopia is only portal which allow to investor exchange their cryptocurrency into Flash coin. As currently registration Is paused due to sudden increase of number of investor.

  • Create new account on crytopia then confirm your account via email address
  • Then transfer your btc/eth to cryptopia wallet
  • Then go to Exchange Page of BTC to Flash or ETH to Flash
  • Then enter amount in USD or BTC and click on continue Button
  • It takes few second to exchange.
  • Then you have Flash coin in your Wallet.

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Flash Cryptocurrency News

  • Flash coin listed on coin market cap value after releasing with Whitepaper
  • Flash coin is available for Trade Exchange on cryptopia.
  • Flash coin Enter into Top 200 highest market value cryptocurrency.
  • Flash coin crossed 100m market cap value.
  • Flash coin wallet officially launched on coinomi and coinpayments
  • It crossed 69095 Wallet holder all over world.

Flash coin Price Prediction

Flash coin Price Prediction
Flash coin Price Prediction

Talking about prediction in 2018 it already show huge peak rate of 500% in first week of January month and now it dropped with 17% and expected show steady report till end January month with average price 0.25 USD and till end of 2018 it will cross all-time highest mark with 1 USD and enter into top 50 cryptocurrency till July month if current peak rate will continue till June month and there is huge possibility in 2020 Prices will crossed 10 USD mark and turns in mid-range cryptocurrency, as there are many industry likely to invest in Flash coin because it having very unique feature and great user performance and right now this cryptocurrency fulfilling requirement of users like low transaction fees and faster approval time even for small payments.

Year Flash coin Price Prediction
End of 2018 $0.95 USD
End of 2019 $5.8 USD
End of 2020 $10.2 USD

Note: by considering 1400% average 6 month peak rate.