Fortuna (FOTA) Coin Price Prediction 2018, Buy Exchange, Wallet

Fortuna (FOTA) Coin

Fortuna is new launched cryptocurrency comes with very different platform i.e. Global OTC Derivatives Market and in Q1 2018 they already distributed token with FOTA Ticket symbol and also successfully test Blockchain, as this cryptocurrency gaining attention from investor because after coming with different topic, it also provide new features like consistency, availability, Partition-tolerance which used correspondingly to improve commonly used algorithm like Proof of Work, Proof of Sake, Delegate proof of Stake and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, as Fortuna is also introduced smart contact support in with three mode and in that there is two trading mode added, which allow user to peer to peer electronic instant transaction without any transaction fees and Fortuna already published white paper and also officially listed on coinmarketcap and on 26 Jan. 18 with trading price $0.20 USD and now in just one day it show plenty growth and reaches $0.23 USD.

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Fortuna Coin Price Prediction

As in just one days it already shown 30% surge in price and just two days ago Fortuna ICO distribution successfully finished and now it for one month price will increased with average 20+% peak rate, which means more likely Fortuna will crossed $1 USD mark till mid of February 2018 and heading to $10 USD mark, which is expected to reached till end of 2018, so right now investing newly launched cryptocurrency will be perfect choice, because right now investing in top cryptocurrency like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum is not good for business because their maximum supply is very less so now days all top 50 coins price are showing continuous dropped and if they show any peak rate then it is very low as compare to drop rate, as January 2018 beginning turning out be awesome for newly launched cryptocurrency but ending with very worst result for traders point of view.

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FOTA coin

FOTA coin gets official partnership with IPFS Chinese Follower Community in this IPFS is Interplanetary File System which makes file more accessible all over world and right now with 2 Million USD market cap entering into highest market cap race with 1000+ Ranking, as FOTA coin has 1,000,000,000 FOTA Total Supply and still 80% is available for trading and mining and as per official website they partnership with  QTUM, NEO  cryptocurrency so it definitely has great future and will show huge growth in 2018 year.

Cryptocurrency name Fortuna
Ticker Name FOTA
Platform Blockchain
Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000 FOTA
Official Website
Date of Introduction 25 January 2018
Partners Chinese IPFS
Country China