Google bans Cryptocurrency ads dates? Reasons, Future of crypto ICO

Google bans Cryptocurrency ads dates

Recently around 4 to 5 days ago a shocking news came into picture that is Google bans cryptocurrency ads. That news on 14th March 2018, shook the Cryptocurrency world. As one of the giant company in online advertisement section that is world’s number 1 company Google declares that they are going to discontinue the Cryptocurrency related advertisements. Google will stop showing crypto coins and ICO ads from coming June 2018 as per the updated advertising policy by Google. There is lot of confusion and questions regarding this news about crypto adverts ban by Google.

Google Bans Cryptocurrency ads
Google Bans Cryptocurrency ads

Google to prohibit ICO, Cryptocurrency related adverts

Major advertising company Google is updating their policy regularly, this time Google has targeted the fraudulent companies. These are misleading people using fake in the investment area including Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and binary options. Google will prohibit this kind of advertisements from June 2018. Not only advertisements but Google also prohibited many publishers, websites and advertisers which are not following advertising policy of Google.

Now a days there are lot of fake cryptocurrencies being introduced in crypto world. That is the biggest reason behind the decision taken by Google for banning Cryptocurrency adverts.  This fake and fraud Cryptocurrency are misleading people for investing money in ICO and crypto coins which are not regular and trustworthy . Google bans cryptocurrency ads on 14th March 2018 and it will be effective from June 2018.

Google Bans Crypto ads

After Facebook banned this kind of Cryptocurrency and ICO related ads in January, Google has followed same steps now. In year 2017, Google prohibited adverts worth more than 3.2 billion usd dollars. That simply indicates that Google is very much serious about safety about their customers. Being a giant company Google has proved that the money is nothing in front of policies such as trust, security and safety of end customers.

Major Cryptocurrency owner such as Bitcoin and Ethereum had taken this case or news positively. They are saying this step taken by Google will make regular and legal cryptocurrencies more stable and trustworthy. Although there was drastic fall down in the price of top cryptocurrencies after the news became viral. But right now the price of cryptocurrencies back to normal after few hours.

Future of Crypto ICO

All well-known and regular cryptocurrencies has taken this as a positive step for leading regular and trustworthy Cryptocurrency world economy. People should not invest blindly into any Cryptocurrency, they should first study and learn about rules and regulations by local government. Also keeping in mind that there is always a risk of loss due to speculative changes in Cryptocurrency price due to local supply and demand.