Google Datally App, APK, iOS for iPhone, PC, VPN

Google Datally 

Datally App Download, Datally is another useful application which saves our Data (Mobile/Laptop Internet Data) by Google for all of us. Google had launched this application today on 30th November 2017 and it is available for all devices including Android, Iphone, Windows and VPN too.    This application Datally by Google is not less than arms for those who are literally fighting to save their mobile phone or smartphone data usage. In this post we will give you detailed information about this Datally App, how it works, from where we can download it and what are the features of Google Datally App.

Google Datally app

Google Datally App was launched few hours ago and now it has more than 100 thousands download on Google Play Store for android smartphones, from this you can understand the popularity and necessity of such Data Saving application for all android and other smartphone users. This app Datally does this 3 following task in the sense to ultimately save your data. For that this 3 tasks are performed by Datally for you.

  1. Let you understand your data

By monitoring your data usage on hourly, daily basis it tells you where your data is draining, which application is using more of your data. All you should know about your Data will answered by Google’s Datally.

  1. Let you control your Data

Now it’s time to control after understanding when and where your data is being used unnecessarily. So you can limit data usage for particular applications or services.

  1. Let you save your Data

And by following above two steps you ultimately reach this final step which will result in huge data. So that you will be never out of data in case you actually need it.

Google Datally APK

Otherwise you can go to your mobile application Playstore and search for Datally. Google Datally App supports android version 5.0 and more. So for those who are still using KitKat Android version or older for them Google Datally app is not available for now, and in future there is very less possibility that Google will entertain them anymore.

Many don’t knows what actually APK is, for them in short I will tell them it’s nothing but the Android Package of Mobile application. Either you can install directly from official and trusted version of mobile application from Playstore or you can simply download any android applications APK file by simply searching Datally App APK on Google. One of the advantage of this APK file is you can share it directly without even installing it and keep it as a backup in case you have no data connectivity to install via Play Store.  But it comes with the risk of fake application or virus, to avoid this you can use trusted sites such as and many more are there.

Google Datally App
Google Datally App

Datally iOS

Datally is also available for iOS which includes both apple and mac users. Google never judge or distinguish between android and iOS users. Sometime it takes time build an iOS version of Mobile apps but now for this Datally iOS version, Google has simultaneously launched app for iOS users also.

Datally app for iPhone

Iphone users who actually needs to save data as there are multiple apps can run at background in Iphone. So this app Datally by Google is best Data Saving app for all iPhone users.  This Datally App for iPhone supports Iphone users from iOS version 8 and upwards. One more feature of Google Datally is it shows you nearby WI-FI available from your current location within 1 km radius.

Datally App Download
Datally App Download

Datally for PC

Datally is not yet available for windows OS but as soon as it gets available, we will inform you so that you can also save your data while using PC/Laptop. Actually for laptop users this Datally app will be more useful because of feature of Wi-Fi finder by Google’s Datally app for PC windows.

Datally App

Datally app is freely available everywhere on android market place, iPhone market and VPN too. Datally will make your devices to save and optimize data usage. Upcoming features of Datally are it will check how much data balance is left for you network operator. Also Datally app will warn you if you use data more than the limit you have set earlier in the sense you will not be exhausted all of your data on waste content.