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GTO Coin Price Prediction

GTO is ticker symbol of Gifto Cryptocurrency which is based on universal gifting portal which allow to make transaction in gift format over 25 million gift per month, setting new record day by day as Token of GTO was sold out in just 60 second after that this coin about to complete 2 month of launch but already shows dominance on by showing continuous steady growth since day one and because of this GTO coin is currently into top 200 highest market cap holder and this current rate of growth will continue same as January month then till end of February 2018 this coin will be seen in top 100 cryptocurrency and also crossed $100 million USD in market cap value, as gifto coin already makes announcement of partnership with one of most popular cryptocurrency Tron also having feature monetization ads for content taken from advertiser just like google Adsense and other content based publisher platform.

YearPrice Prediction in USD
December 2018$6.7 USD
2019$34 USD
2020$89 USD
2025$179 USD

Note: above price set considering crash and sudden growth in price.

GTO Coin Price Prediction
GTO Coin Price Prediction

GTO Coin Price Prediction 2018

We know 2018 is going to be biggest year for cryptocurrency and we already watched trailer on January 2018 in which many cryptocurrency including ICO Showing huge growth in price along with this we witness many newly launched cryptocurrency gaining huge market cap value and ranking high on highest market cap list and giving tough competition to top coins, so similar after seeing tremendous response for Tron which also based on Content Monetize, but right now Tron need replacement because they about to reach maximum supply which stopped price fluctuation so GTO will be perfect replacement because same technology which result from beginning of GTO launch they also getting same response, so right now more than 85% of total supply is available for buying and mining which will be equal to calculating supply till end of 2018, so in December 2018 Gifto Price will be hike with very huge peak rate.

Month & YearPrice Prediction
June 2018$2.2 SUD
August 2018$3.4 USD
December 2018$6.7 USD

Note: considering 250% growth In price.

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GTO Price Prediction 2020

On 18th December 2017 GTO Coin is listed on coinmarketcap with 0.28 USD price and after being steady for till end of December 2018 with all time highest $0.29 USD and then 2018 will turning out be awesome because on from 1st January 2018 price started increasing with 15% average growth rate and reaches to all time highest on 0.99 USD on 12th January 2018, which is very to close to $1 USD and during cryptocurrency crash which was started on 15 January 2018 along with top 500 coins GTO also showing small dropped in price and now after one month February 2018 looks like giving small increase in price and from 17 January 2018 to 12 January 2018 GTO is maintain price with average $35 USD, so investor who thinking to invest in tron then GTO will be better option and will give more percentage of profit than Tron, and talking about prediction then 2020 year will be begin with $40 USD and till mid of 2020 GTO will crossed all time milestone of $50 USD and till end of 2020 it come closer to $100 USD.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2020$35 USD
July 2020$55 USD
December 2020$82 USD

Note: above figure are set by calculation report of GTO coin lifetime price graph.

Gifto Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency NameGifto
Ticker SymbolGTO
TechnologyGift Blockchain
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000 GTO
PartnersBinance Launchpad, Taylor Vinters Via, Ogier, KKCOIN, Orichal, Kyber Networkm Pre-Angle, Asia Model, Nebulas, Black Dot


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