How Much will Ripple Be Worth in 2018, 2020, in 5 Years

How Much will Ripple Be Worth?

Ripple is one of the cryptocurrency which is making news.It is open sourced and decentralized allowing it to be transferred seamlessly into USD,INR,Bitcoins.It is ranked no 2 in the growth rates among Bitcoins,Etherium,Cardano,Litecoin and others.Just like its fellow Cryptocurrencies Ripple has skyrocketed by about 21350.44% from Aug 8-2013 when it 0.005874(USD) was to 1.26(USD) Dec 27-2017.Although the surge is not as high as Bitcoins but is surely worth an investment with great benefits in upcoming future.The Average rate of growth of Ripple from Dec 30-2016 to Dec 30-2017 is 38535.30%.The rate of growth is more than ever and can be seen getting continuous and stable growth for atleast a few years.One of the reasons Ripple is getting famous is because Ripple can process transactions much faster and cheaper than compared to Bitcoin.Ripple is also making a strong grip in Asian markets.Asian markets and banks are going nuts over it and over 75 large groups are ready to support Ripple.

How Much will Ripple Be Worth in 2018?

Ripple was founded in 2012 and has been seeing stable growth for almost  5 years.Its Stable growth can be predicted for almost 5 upcoming years as Market Cap is not saturated yet.Also it is gaining attentions of Big Investment giants hence market cap will be pushed even further.In the United States itself Ripple has signed partnership with American Express.Ripple’s prediction for next year is as follow(Given Figures are in USD)

  • March 2018-3.1$
  • April 2018-3.2$
  • May 2018-3.0$
  • June 2018-4.5$
  • July 2018-5.5$
  • August 2018-6.0$
  • September 2018-7.7$
  • October 2018-8.1$
  • November 2018-9.3$
  • December 2018-10$

If the Current trends continue the growth itself in the first two months of 2018 will be over 955.67%.By the end of the year 2018 23700% reaching around 10$ by the end of the year. Rumours say the Top Crypto broker like Coinbase is looking to add it as an option. When Coinbase added Bitcoin Cash earlier this month, the price for BCH spiked 64% in one day.

How Much will Ripple Be Worth in 2020?

Considering Ripple almost 72% growth can be expected if the rumours state out to be true. Ripple’s current market cap sits at roughly US$96 billion stating that it has long to reach its saturation. Ripple is here to stay and will only grow HOLD IT. It is not a speculative currency . Its a long time investment which will be more valuable as time goes.Also among 100$ billion only 38$billion are in circulation hence the cap would be almost hitting 80% by the year 2020.Meaning the Value will be reach peak of 12000$-14000$ for sure.Ripple ensures the XRP ledger increases with direct proportion with the currency in circulation meaning a steady a stable growth rate.But the peak value is estimated to hit by the years 2020-2025.But meanwhile Ripple is expected to see a vast growth in also number of investors by 2020.The increase is expected to be almost 20 times the current investors by the year 2018.By 2020 it may reach almost 60-70 times.This puts a little delay in growth as demand decreases.

How Much will Ripple Be Worth in 5 Years?

Neglecting the surge in investors putting caps on growth rate or even with that we can say Ripple is a very good investment for upcoming future.If missed chance in investing in BTC when it was at its lowest Ripple is other golden opportunity for you.Assuming in year 2022 XRP ends up accounting for 5% of the world’s GDP (estimated $95 trillion). If this is the case, Ripple’s market cap would be $4.75 trillion.Only factors hurting its growth are

  • Banks decide not to implement blockchain technology for RTGS systems
    • Banks implement Ripple’s transaction system, but decide not to use XRP
    • Banks choose to create their own blockchain and transaction network

But this being the worst case scenario this is the worst thing that could happen.

So here is the final prediction for next 5 years

2018 10 USD
2019 25 USD
2020 40 USD
2021 90 USD
2022 150 USD

Note:above prediction set according previous per year peak rate of Ripple.

There are currently over 100 financial institutions internationally who are working with Ripple to implement their payment protocol. This includes American Express, MUFJ, and closer to home, Westpac and ANZ. It also includes Japanese banks which completed a successful pilot program to make it the first country in the world to enable domestic and international real time money transfers via the cryptocurrency.

Update-30th January 2018: Ripple after being consistent cryptocurrency till December 2017, showing huge peak in price which result in January 2018 it showing huge growth in price and reached to all time highest with 3.5 USD, but after 15 January 2018 all crptocurrency along with XRP is showing huge dropped in price and in one point Ripple about dropped below 1 USD and also there is dropped in ranking in which Ethereum regain their position, Ripple shifted to 3rd position, so right now many investor starting to thinking about investment in Ripple and this will be not a good choice because as we compare to Ripple to other cryptocurrency then Ripple is showing very less growth.