How to Buy Dentacoin (DCN) Exchange | Dentacoin Wallet, Prediction


Dentacoin was launched in August 2017 and first cryptocurrency which is based on Global Dental Industry Blockchain which has main aim of improving worldwide dental care and official store healthcare of user worldwide as this cryptocurrency finally enters into top 25 on highest market cap table after showing good surge from last one week and now on 8th January it reaches all time high by reaching $0.006347 USD from 0.0022 USD with 188.49% growth rate and from last 7 days prices are increasing by 1054% so now it gaining bigger attention from investor just like other cryptocurrency who having low prices they always higher in terms of peak rate, as founder of Dentacoin is Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev who having great experience in Financial market expert, so this coin holding great feature as well as global biggest dental care industry will be in queue for making partnership which directly create impact on coin market value and help this cryptocurrency to enter in top 10 biggest cryptocurrency.

How To Buy Dentacoin | DCN Exchange

As Dentacoin newly launched cryptocurrency as buyer and seller are lesser in number as compare to other cryptocurrency so right now there is no direct buy option for Dentacoin, you have to exchange other top cryptocurrency to Dentacoin which are listed below.

  • HITBTC (Recommended)

  • cryptopia
  • mercatox
  • etherdelta

Step 1: First create new account to buy Top cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum

Step 2: Then Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum (Ethereum Recommended)

Step 3: Sign Up on Trade Exchange Portal Listed above (recommended HITBTC, Cryptopia)

Step 4: Transfer your BTC/ETH to Exchange Portal via Transfer Address

Step 5: Confirm your Exchange Portal account

Step 6: on Exchange Portal Select BTC to DCN or ETH to DCN.

Step 7:  Select amount and then click on continue.

You can use coinbase, bittrex, bitfinex or other portal to Buy Bitcoin.

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Dentacoin Wallet

Dentacoin official website suggest you best wallet to see balance of Dentacoin you are carring for this you need to use same email address from where you created account on exchange portal or just simply linked that to wallet account with address.

  • MyEtherWallet: as Dentacoin is based on Ethereum blockchain so MyEtherWallet is one of the best Wallet handler for such cryptocurrency, which is fully secure and open source wallet deals with client side server which is easy to use and wallet can be created just generating address.
  • imToken: Safe, Simple and powerful light weight wallet which is available for Android, iOS in Application format and you can directly access through website from desktop.
  • Metamask: Specially designed for Etherum based cryptocurrency who provide user to add-on in chrome, Firefox, and Opera and also on Brave Browser and it also allows to manage identities on different sites.
  • Coinomi: this wallet currently under construction and now beta version available to see your Denatcoin wallet balance. Which has multi major coin asset, super security, privacy protected by hiding ip address, one time backup and Dynamic Fees, user friendly and lightweight which takes very less time to load and also consume less data.

Dentacoin Price Prediction

Dentacoin in terms of Price Prediction setting new record after showing 1K% peak rate in 2018, as DCN coin was started with 0.000307 USD on august 2017 and in just 5 months is grows with 1967.42% and reaches 0.006347 and there is huge expectation that till end of 2018 prices will reach all time highest with 0.10 USD and in end of 2019 It will reach 1 USD and if it maintain last week growth rate for upcoming 12 months means 1 USD mark will be reach on end of 2018 with 15655.4% growth rate and this report was seen by Ripple in previous 6 month, so there is nothing impossible in cryptocurrency world.

Year DCN Price Prediction
End of 2018 $0.11 USD
End of 2019 $1.3 USD
End of 2020 $9 USD

Note above: above report is set according to 1900% per 5 month peak rate.

Dentacoin price prediction
Dentacoin price prediction