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Kadak Coin

Kodak Photography Product United States own company launching world first Photography based cryptocurrency which is fully designed for Photographer which worked on the basis on own KodakOne Blockchain technology which allows to create license of Photography work, Images and other Photography related Data and with the help of Kodak coin currency Photographer can register their Image and also Sell online, so with interesting topic selected by Kodak to enter in cryptocurrency because of after making announcement of Kodakcoin their stock market prices started hiking with huge peak rate in price and as is officially posted article of launching Kodakcoin in that there is option for user that they will get latest updates after entering email and full name via Emails, as per rumours Initial coin offering will begin at end of January 2018, 5 USD will be expected ICO Price which will be available for US, UK and Canada country investor.

How to Buy Kodak Coin

As Kodak coin ICO not yet official begin once Token Flash Sale will start then officially buying and selling will begin on different exchange portal, as Kodak right now dealing with different online portal owner for listing Kodak coin and as once Kodak coin appears on coinmarketcap then real time prices and market value will be displayed to users. As Kodakcoin launched own blockchain technology KodakOne and along with this there will be Kodak owns Miner also launching with name “Kashminer” to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency so there is huge possibility they launched their Own portal to exchange and instant buying and selling of Kodak coin.

Get Notify first to Buy Kadak coin: Sign up

  • Go to Sign up Page of Kodak coin cryptocurrency 
  • enter first name, last name and email address 
  • then select your country (don’t ignore this option because ICO will be limited for some country)
  • Enter Zip/postal code.
  • then Press subscribe Button.

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KodakCoin Exchange

If Kodakcoin is available through exchange there is huge possibility that Kodak will choose Ethereum as main source of trade Exchange, as right now there are many cryptocurrency who handle small payments of Ethereum cryptocurrency, but as we know this portal mainly focusing on Buying and selling of Photograph which has different price, so KoadakOne platform has ready to accept small as well as big amount transaction within second and charges less transaction fees, so this will remain only Photography based cryptocurrency otherwise other company will try to enter in Photography based cryptocurrency world, if they not able launched their portal then they will choose biggest portal like Binance, Bitmex, Yobit, Etherdelta, HitBTC.

Kodak Coin Cryptocurrency

Kodak Shares peak by 125% after deciding to launch cryptocurrency and makes official partnership with WENN Digital a London company for creating new Blockchain KadakOne which is specially build for Photographers and dealing with their work, as Kodak is not first company who converting their business into cryptocurrency along with Kodak there many other company like Telegram, Flash, Vibe, Kik, Doge also launched their cryptocurrency, now once they enter into highest market cap race then it will surely shows huge peak in prices and also in market cap, as after announcement its alreading trending in news and people started searching for how to invest and finding official news.