How to Buy/Purchase IOTA in Canada with CAD, USD, Binance, Coinbase


IOTA is Tangle based cryptocurrency launched in 2015 to replace Blockchain technology in terms of advance features and charging low processing fees which become popular after making partnership with Microsoft and other big industry which help them to boost in price per IOTA and in just one month in rises with nearly 1000+% growth rate so after gaining bigger top ranking on highest market cap list IOTA becoming more popular and expected to dominated 2018 year with awesome hiking price as many predictor already mentioned price above 50$ in upcoming year so investor take a bow because father of record maker IOTA will be ruling on the chart and expected to beat Bitcoin cash and Ethereum in future as IOTA already shows his power by beating top cryptocurrency who holding same ranking from 5 months i.e. Litecoin, Dash and Ripple with $12,186,016,667 market cap noted on first week on December month. So all over world IOTA is trending right now so investor from Canada also wish to purchase IOTA so here we provide step to step guide which will help to Buy in just 5 minute of process.

How to Buy IOTA in Canada

  1. First Sign up on coinbase or koinex
  2. Confirm your email address and account information
  3. Then buy Ethereum (ETH) from coinbase via Paypal, credit card, debit card or Online banking option
  4. Then create new account on Binance or Bitfinex portal of exchanges Trades
  5. Then create transfer address from Binance by clicking on Deposit Withdrawal or accept ETH
  6. Copy Transfer Address then go do coinabase or koinex account then click on send Ethex button
  7. Once your click on Send button from ETH wallet it will ask Receiver Address
  8. Then paste copied Transfer Address and click on continue button
  9. Wait for 5 to 6 minute to complete transaction
  10. Then open Binance or Bitfinex Account then check balance in Wallet of Ethex
  11. Then just go to exchange or Trade page of ETH to IOTA
  12. Then just select amount you want transfer and click on Buy Option
  13. Then you are successfully buy IOTA coin in your Wallet

Above method is most recommended and safe way to transfer Ethereum and buying and selling of IOTA coin, you can also check Balance in IOTA Wallet.

How to Buy IOTA in Canada

How to Purchase IOTA in Canada with CAD

You can purchase IOTA through especially for Canada citizen but as compare to above process it takes little bit more time to complete transfer and trading process so if above process is not working then follow below steps:

  • Go to then sign up then confirm your account
  • Then open coinbase account
  • Buy btc in coinbase account
  • Then again from create transfer address from Deposit btc
  • Then open coinbase click on send btc button from bitcoin wallet
  • Then paste transfer address generated by coinbase site
  • Then select amount in btc currency click on continue
  • Then again it takes some days to transfer after transaction time completed
  • Then open then go to exchange trade option
  • Then simple transfer BTC to IOTA.

If you have any trouble while following above process just let us know by commenting below with name and email.

IOTA Prediction

55 USD will be reached till End of January month 2018 if growth rate of last month remain steady and investor showing same response to IOTA so investing now will be great choice so as per many trade expert they already mentioned IOTA will breaks all cryptocurrency record.