How to Buy/Purchase IOTA in US with Binance, Bitfinex, USD, Coinspot

IOTA Cryptocurrency

IOTA shock the world after showing 1003% growth rate in Rate because of Tangle new technology to replace most trending technology Blockchain used by many cryptocurrency as Tangle works similar like Blockchain for IOTA but there is difference in processing fees because for other cryptocurrency transfer many online portal charges huge amount for transfer and now Microsoft makes official announcement of partnership with Microsoft and in future there are more major company who are queue to make partnership with IOTA so investor its perfect time to invest because IOTA is recently available for Beta version which meaning trading or mining not yet officially started as because of IOTA is recently launched cryptocurrency they are working on Technology to become more faster and easy to use for user so there are lots of things yet to come and will have higher growth rate than December month which means having more potential to beat Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash but good news for Ethereum investor because to buy IOTA you have to many people are using Ethereum coin.

How to Buy IOTA Coin in US

Highlight Process:

  1. Create new account
  2. Create new account on
  3. Buy Bitcoin from account
  4. Transfer bitcoin from coinbase to Binance
  5. Then buy IOTA from Binance account by exchange with Bitcoin
How To Buy IOTA in US

Complete steps by Steps Process for US Citizen

  1. Go to then just sign up for new account then confirm email address
  2. Sign in into then buy some Bitcoin from coinbase account via Bank of America, Paypal or different available option
  3. Go to create new account and simply sign in into account
  4. Once you sign in then on top bar you have funds option just click on that then in the drop down menu you have Deposits Withdrawals
  5. Then you will get BTC deposit address on
  6. Then again go to then click on send option from your Bitcoin Wallet
  7. Then it will ask address to you have paste Deposit address which is generated from and click on “continue button”
  8. Then open Binance Account after transaction complete which takes 5 to 6 minutes
  9. You have to find Exchange Bitcoin To IOTA exchange option from Trade option
  10. Click on Market in that your BTC Balance is display then by just entering Amount of IOTA and click on Buy Button
  11. And to View how much IOTA your Buy or to see IOTA wallet just click on Funds->Deposits Withdrawals.

Note: above steps by steps process can be done with other coin option which is supported by Binance and coinbase to choose as per your convenience according to me Ethereum will be great choice for exchange because Bitcoin charges more amount then Ethereum and other cryptocurrency.

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How to Purchase IOTA in USA with Bitfinex

  1. Create new account on
  2. Create new account on
  3. Then go to account click on deposit and buy some ethereum or Ripple
  4. Then go to then click on Deposits Withdrawals and generate address to accept Ethereum or Ripple
  5. Then go to account then go to Ethereum or Ripple Wallet
  6. Click on Send Button from Wallet then it will ask Address which is generated from
  7. Then click on continue button and just check after 5 minute of transaction.
  8. Then click on Trading button and go to exchange option If you transfer Ethereum then go to Ethereum to IOTA transfer and if you Transfer Ripple then go to Ripple to IOTA Exchange
  9. Then just confirm Exchange then you have IOTA coin in your Binance Wallet

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Buy IOTA coin with CoinSpot

  1. Go to official website of Buy/sell cryptocurrency
  2. Then you to Buy coin which has wallet on in that you have BTC/ETH/LTC
  3. Then go to sell bitcoin option
  4. Then select amount BTC and exchange with MIOTA i.e IOTA by clicking on sell button
  5. Then in Wallet list you will have IOTA wallet automatically generated.

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Purchase IOTA Cryptocurrency with GDAX

  1. Create account then confirm Gmail address then sign in into account
  2. Then again click on deposit option via Paypal. Bank of America and more option
  3. Then buy Litecoin or Bitcoin then got Exchange page
  4. In that you have two tables in that your BTC and other side you have IOTA
  5. Then just exchange which automatically added to your IOTA wallet.

If you have any query related with above payment option then ask in below comment section.

IOTA Exchange Summary

Exchange Portal Coin To Buy For Exchange
Binance Bitcoin
CoinSpot Litecoin, Ethereum
Gdax Bitcoin
Bitfinex Ethereum