How to Buy Raiblocks/XRB Coin in US, UK, Australia, India

In this post we will provide information about step by step guide to buy or purchase or store RaiBlocks crypto currency. We will cover all the major countries like Unites States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia and India. Before going ahead we will give information in short about Raiblocks virtual currency and Raiblocks network.

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How to Buy RaiBlocks
How to Buy RaiBlocks

This Raiblocks coin was introduced in the digital market on 7th March 2017. Short name of Raiblocks is XRB. Initially the price of 1 XRB was around 0.009$ USD. But now at the yearend there is much growth in the value of Raiblocks. Today on 1st January 2018, price of 1 XRB is 24.51$ USD means we can say there is growth rate of around 272300% since initial amount.

Raiblocks has limit on Max supply in market that is 133 million XRB. Right now all of the XRB are circulating in the market.  Speed of transactions for Raiblocks is much instant. There are no fees per transaction for Raiblocks Network. Below are the details about Raiblocks crypto currency.

In simple words if you would have invested 1$ USD on 7th March 2017 then it would cost around 2723$ USD.

Raiblocks details: –

Signing Algorithm – ED25519

Hashing Algorithm – Blake2

Key Derivation Function – Argon2

Block Interval – Instant

Addressing – IPV6

Message Protocol – UDP

How to Buy Raiblocks coin in US and UK

There are multiple options available for US and UK citizens who are interested in investing money in Raiblocks. We have listed down the web portals where you can create the account on below websites.

  1. Bitgrail
  2. Raiwallet
  • Bitgrail

You will have follow below step by step guide, to perform buying and storing Raiblocks.

  1. Register for free on
  2. You should enable 2 factor authentication for more security
  3. Click on the deposit button at right upper side corner
  4. Then generate address and copy it.
  5. And simply send the amount you want to invest or buy money in Raiblocks.
  6. You will need to perform 2 factor authentication such as Mobile OTP or Gmail OTP.
  7. That’s it. You are done.
  • Raiwallet is an alternative to who want to perform buying selling of Raiblocks crypto currencies. This is platform where you can store your keys and perform transactions in Raiblocks. The steps are almost same as as follows: –

  1. Create an account
  2. You will need to keep seed safe offline.
  3. Here also you will need to generate address
  4. You should always perform test transaction before making actual transaction.

How to purchase Raiblocks coin in Australia and India

Right now there is no specific web portal or application available for India and Australia. To directly invest money into Raiblocks. Indian users can also use same applications listed above for investing or storing into Raiblocks cryptocurrency.

There is huge growth in Raiblocks coin value or price since the initial amount. But investing money in cryptocurrency is always subject to market risks. You should always take advice from expert in finance before making any decisions to invest in crypto currencies.

We will keep you updated for next upcoming applications or portals available for Indian users to invest or buy XRB/Raiblocks.