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IOTA newly launched cryptocurrency gaining huge attention from cryptocurrency investor in just three month growth rate of IOTA is growing with huge percentage rate as per last week stats and graph study about IOTA coin growth percentage in price is 1.82% per hour or 54.2% per day as on first week of December month we have huge growth with price as we mentioned above 55% growth each day In which on December 3rd IOTA price was 1.50$ then in just three days on 6th December coin price shifted to 5.5$ so its high-time to Buy IOTA because other cryptocurrency rate already hike with huge prices which is on first position Bitcoin in two weeks showing huge growth and investor are really happy because Bitcoin reach 17000$ which is turning out to be highest price of Bitcoin till date now before you buy many people are trouble with is it Safe to Buy in IOTA in India because there some rumours about cryptocurrency that RBI India is teasing to Banned cryptocurrency just because coin showing huge rate of increase.

IOTA Cryptocurrency

Currency NameMIOTA
Market cap$11,369,084,921
Max Supply2,779,530,283
Growth Rate per Day50*%


How To Purchase IOTA in India

Many people are searching for How to Buy IOTA in India because after 55% growth in price graph and now its perfect time to buy because Price is below 5% and now recently small drop In price in seeing in this days so form people who wanted to buy IOTA cryptocurrency follow below steps:

  • Bitfinex

Just visit official website then create account then you can directly buy IOTA for price you have to visit: in which you can check recent transaction by different user and graph of IOTA coin as per your choice

  • Binance

Method #1

  1. First create new account on Koinex then go to deposit section
  2. Then you to buy Etherium from Koinex
  3. Then click on withdraw button then it will ask address
  4. Then go to create new account then go to etherium to OITA Exchange
  5. To transfer there will small transfer fees from Binance and it will take one minute time

How to Buy IOTA in India

Method #2

  • First Sign up on Koinex account then in deposit section buy some Ripple coin
  • Then Transfer Ripple to Binance Wallet from address
  • Now you have to transfer Ripple to Etherium then
  • Simple Transfer to Etherium to IOTA
  • Which will charge very small amount
How to Buy IOTA in India
How to Buy IOTA in India

IOTA Prediction

IOTA becoming popular now days because investor starting investing money on IOTA cryptocurrency which result it automatically help to grow more than bitcoin and expected price will be 500$ in February 2018 as considering recent rate of increase as chances of this report turning true is really high because already on binance and Bitfinex buy and sale report sudden increase number of buyer seen in past three weeks and this coin will create huge impact and will make happy to investor.

IOTA Price

IOTA is short form of MIOTA with Market Cap $11,337,231,504 USD and Circulating Supply 2,779,530,283 MIOTA and Max Supply 2,779,530,283 MIOTA which defeated Ripple, Litecoin to become 4th highest market cap, but many people thinking that current price is suitable then we could say IOTA has really done in market cap but in upcoming days we will see higher price rate because being on 4th position this will create huge attraction for investor and special as compare to other cryptocurrency on top 10 position IOTA has lowest price as compare to them so if you planning to invest for long time and you can wait for like 2 to 3 year then it will give you huge amount profit for sure with small investment so I will suggest IOTA over Etherium and Bitcoin for small amount investment.