IOTA Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | MIOTA Price Forecast Future

IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA gains attention in previous year, because this cryptocurrency launched his own Platform instead of using Blockchain to eliminated error in blockchain and also give better performance to user, charge zero transaction fees and main feature of IOTA is as number of user increase speed of transaction automatically increase but in case of Blockchain number of user affect transaction fees, as in December month IOTA prices rising with average 55% per day growth rate because of Rumours of Microsoft making partnership with IOTA and after people started knowing about the news was fake, It again started dropping and now after entering into top 5 position, this cryptocurrency expected to drop more in ranking of highest market cap in future till competitor maximum supply comes closer to Total Supply, which was recently happen with Ripple cryptocurrency as after reaching with all-time highest price with $3.5 USD it reaches to maximum supply then many investor believe this will be end of Price hike then they cash out at right time and from that instant along with market cap value ripple also show Raking drop after shifting to 3rd position and now again Ethereum showing steady report in growth but again it will drop with huge drop rate in future, so after this cryptocurrency IOTA will be the perfect choice for investor and will have great 2018 year in terms of profit and as we know in terms of Security and performance IOTA is far better than recent cryptocurrency.

IOTA Price Prediction

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