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IOTA Wallet

IOTA trending now after gaining 4th position in the race of highest market cap in cryptocurrency because of 1000% growth rate in just 3 to 4 month and graph remains steady with above 55% per day growth in IOTA coin price as mining not yet started for IOTA but still able to create good impact for investor now all over world wanted to Buy IOTA which will be good news for investor because cryptocurrency indirectly depend on percentage of number of investor so as Investor increases price on coin will automatically increase now after looking at previous two week Graph we could say IOTA takes number 3 position beating bitcoin cash now IOTA already defeated one of steady and popular cryptocurrency i.e. Ripple and Litecoin so predictor and trade market reporter already creating buzz about MIOTA which is real name of currency, now to use IOTA there is important role Wallet as now days people love to spent more time with mobile phone so they love to have wallet on their Smartphone so below we have provide you wallet of IOTA as per your operating system.

IOTA Wallet iOS

As IOTA Wallet for iOS or iPhone is currently not available but it will available very soon till then IOTA is providing IOTA Wallet Beta version for iOS user which is not official version but works properly and more convenient Wallet for now

  • Turn on mobile data then open Safari browser or other you have
  • Then paste this url: “” in address bar
  • Then simply download Beta Version of IOTA
  • App for IOTA wallet will be available soon on same portal
IOTA Wallet for iOS
IOTA Wallet for iOS

IOTA Wallet for Mac, OSX

Now only beta version available which working original Wallet on every platform so we could suggest use same url for Wallet

  • First open Safari Broswer from your Mac
  • Then in address bar enter this url: “”
  • Then just click on sign up button available at bottom of wallet page
  • Then simply enter full name, email address and some other details
  • Your wallet is ready to use

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IOTA Wallet for Android

  • Turn on Mobile Internet
  • Then open Google Play Store from your Android Device
  • Then in Search box type: “IOTA Wallet (BETA)” uploaded by official of IOTA
  • Current Version 0.9.1 which has 100K download by with average rating of 3
  • Support Android Version 4.4 and up
  • After you finished download
  • IOTA Wallet for Android
    IOTA Wallet for Android
  • In login page you have seed or below that login and then Generate Seed
  • It automatically Generate Seed and logged in into account
  • Then you have transfer option
  • IOTA Wallet for Mac
    IOTA Wallet for Mac
  • Tangle Explorer for recent transaction which works similar like Blockchain
  • You can add and remove neighbors
  • IOTA Wallet for Mac
    IOTA Wallet for Mac
  • Miscellaneous: which show your IOTA Balance in different currency like BTC, ETH, USA, EUR, YEN and also have seed generator and seed password protection.

IOTA Wallet for Desktop, Pc

For pc user you directly access IOTA Wallet from officials of IOTA Cryptocurrency.

  • Open any browser from desktop and pc and enter url : “”
  • Then you have to create new account
  • Then you have different option listed below:
  • Transactions
  • Receive funds
  • Send IOTA to anyone
  • Features
  1. Encrypted storage
  2. Auto Logout
  3. Change nodes
  4. QR codes
  5. Open Source

IOTA Coin Cryptocurrency Wallet

There are few wallet till now created but now user can also create virtual Wallet for IOTA in India using binance and Bitfinex which allow to Buy IOTA coin In India so Buying on this portal then you have IOTA Wallet for Binance and IOTA Wallet for Bitfinex which also access with above option for that you have register with same email address and same then same name in that you have to create address then just paste while creating account on IOTA Wallet Beta.

IOTA Prediction 2018

On coin market cap IOTA already leading in top 5 cryptocurrency so now first three has huge prices for buying so off-coruse IOTA has low price among them and also most growing cryptocurrency of end of 2017 along with bitcoin so many investor will shows more interest to buy IOTA which result till 2018 IOTA will reach 55$ price and in next 5 month it will be increasing 1000% which means it will price for 500$ in December 2018