iPhone SE 2 Price, Launch Date in UK, USA ,Canada, UAE, Dubai

iPhone SE 2

Apple to launch it’s most advanced & affordable handset in the first quarter of 2018 naming iPhone SE 2. It will be the next version of the handset iPhone SE which was launched on March 21, 2016. We have seen the best phones of apple unveiled in 2017 like iPhone 8, Iphone 8 Plus & iPhone X, who captured the markets and were the talk of the town the complete year 2017. Apple seems to do the same in 2018, but this time it is with the cost efficiency an off course the quality of apple with specifications. iPhone SE 2 (SE is nothing but Special Edition) is rumored to be launched by Apple in the first quarter of  2018, probably being in March 2018.

iPhone SE 2 Launch Date
iPhone SE 2 Launch Date

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

According to Apple the new iPhone SE 2 will have a quad core, 2.34 GHz processor with a Apple A10 fusion & will have a fast RAM of 2 GB. The handset will have a screen resolution of 4.5 inches (11.45 cm), 640*1136 px, and 299 PPI IPs LED screen. The phone has a good screen and performance overall but Apple could not make up to mark in the front camera being 1.2 MP, which is nowhere competing its competitors. It seems a bad news for selfie lovers, though it has a good back camera of 12 MP, which is a relief. The phone has a good Battery life of 1750 mAh (nothing but charging cycles) non removable battery. iPhone SE 2 is a 4G supported  smart phone for Indian brands Volte . Apart from all this like all the rest of the iPhones iPhone SE 2 will also have a finger print censor & a internal memory of 32gb which won’t be expandable.

iPhone SE 2 price

iPhone SE had a launch  price of $399 for USA ,£379 for UK, $679 for Australia , $579 for Canada, Dh 1,649 for UAE &  AED 1399 for dubai ,these are the prices for 16gb iPhone SE. compared to them iphone SE 2 will cost $349 for USA ,£349 for UK, $549 for Australia , $469 for Canada, Dh 1,399 for UAE. Which seems to be much affordable than the previous version comparatively which makes it a budget phone with advanced features. It is a good news for all the apple lovers who couldn’t afford it till now will be able to afford it now.

iPhone SE 2 launch date

Apple had planned to launch iphone SE in march 2017, but as we all know Apple launched iphone 8,iPhone 8 Plus & iphone X in 2017 which already captured the market. So might be this is the reason Apple postponed the launch to next year of iphone SE 2. So it seems like 2018 is going to be a big bash for Apple’s iPhone SE 2. And will be seen ruling the markets in the first quarter of the 2018. Most probably the launch will be in the march 2018. Like the previous version launched in 2016 Apple released the phone for consumers later a month after its launch. So taking this into consideration it seems like apple will unveil the phone in March probably and will be available to consumers in the beginning of April 2018.