Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? In 2018 | BTC Future Price Prediction?

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

No, Right now investing in Bitcoin is not perfect choice  after few day ago we have witness cryptocurrency crash in which Bitcoin prices are dropped by 30% per day Ratio and just like that many top prediction about Bitcoin like prices going to reach 25,000 USD mark till New year and in 2018 price will be near to 40K failed and according to trade and cryptocurrency expert another huge cryptocurrency crash is near and which will even bigger than previous one and may Bitcoin prices dropped below 10K USD, which expected to happening on new year and then Bitcoin started showing growth on first week of January as after reaching all time high 18,737 USD BTC prices are hiking and dropping in the price range of 13K USD to 16K USD so as compare to initial week of December and end weeks of December there is huge difference because starting December Bitcoin prices showing continuous growth for straight 7 to 8  days in which prices changes from 9K USD to 16K USD. As according to my opinion go for Bitcoin investment only when you looking to keep that investment more than 6 month which will surely give you good profit amount.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment
Is Bitcoin a Good Investment

5 Reason Why Bitcoin is Not Good for Investment

  1. Transaction Fees: Bitcoin per transaction fees are really high in the all cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrency like Ripple, IOTA and many more charges very low transaction which result in Future people who wanted in invest in cryptocurrency to avoid extra transaction charges go for who’s charges is low and give first priority to them.
  2. Transaction Time: Bitcoin is based on very popular technology Blockchain which uses Block to store transaction history which can be check by user but as number of user increase Bitcoin Technology become more slower because of Block structure which create delay on processing of transaction time and also Bitcoin for low amount investment show delay in time as compare to high amount transaction but other cryptocurrency shows similar priority for any type of transaction, so choosing Bitcoin over any other cryptocurrency is bad decision.
  3. Mining: Now days mining Bitcoin is become very hard because of prices are really high so many top miner are officially stopped to mine Bitcoin and they started mining for other cryptocurrency and month end causing price dropped with huge amount and mining is major factor in price fluctuation and building huge market cap value.
  4. Total Supply: in Future Total Supply of BTC expected to finished and that that time price will be stable till people started selling their investment and that time again there will be another Bitcoin price crash which may create huge difference in investment world people will go for Ripple, Litecoin or IOTA because this cryptocurrency started with low price and if they increased with huge peak rate it automatically gives huge amount in investment world.
  5. High Prices: Price changes are really frequent as well to Buy One BTC you have to invest more than 13k USD which is really huge as compare to other cryptocurrency as when you going to Buy Ripple with same price then you will receive 13K XRP coin, as holding whole coin is more better than having coin in point format so prices also makes huge difference In cryptocurrency investment.

Right to Invest in Bitcoin?

Check Bitcoin on regular basis to get Real time accurate price of Bitcoin is perfect portal which show thousands of cryptocurrency price, now you started thinking why so you check price daily basic because now day s Bitcoin showing huge dropped rate so there are huge chances Bitcoin price will touch 10K USD which is perfect price to Buy and Bitcoin not going to drop below this figure so we know as cryptocurrency price dropped then it will start showing huge growth in beginning on every month so during month end if you have seen price touched nearer to mentioned price then make instant payment, as it’s up to you because here we just giving prediction about cryptocurrency so buy or sell at your own risk.