Is Ripple a Good Investment? Over Bitcoin in 2018? | XRP Today Prediction

Ripple is Good Investment?

Yes, Ripple is good for investment proved today because all cryptocurrency falling down in prices with huge price difference as compare to previous day but Ripple is showing steady per day peak rate of 20% only cryptocurrency on 22nd December 2017 who survive is this huge breakdown of cryptocurrency till date and there is huge possibility this falling report will continue till tomorrow night and Sunday expected start with awesome hike in prices, so after looking at this report we conclude that Ripple is most trustable cryptocurrency right now for investment point of view, so if you looking at ripple cryptocurrency then you have to do long term investment which means invest money in Ripple for more than 6 months then only you will get good amount profit and try to buy 50+ XRP coin at time because Ripple is low priced cryptocurrency so buying less number means low profit amount.

Top 10 Reason of Investing in Ripple

  1. Stable Peak Rate: Ripple Price hike from 0.24 USD to 1.2 USD in just 22 days with growth rate 400% and if this maintain till end of 2017 then till new year prices will be cross 3 USD which is all time high record.
  2. Low Priced cryptocurrency: to buy 1 Ripple coin you just need 1$ right now if you buy this coin in huge number then in future investor will get awesome profit.
  3. Highest Per year Growth Percentage: Ripple coin from December 2016 to December 2017 showing growth with more than 13,000%.
  4. Less transaction Fees: for low amount transaction and faster speed of transaction Ripple is favourite cryptocurrency right now.
  5. Highest total Supply: as compare to other top 5 cryptocurrency Ripple has highest supply of XRP coin which means in future supply of BTC, ETH, BCH is finished then people will start investing in Ripple coin which automatically create impact in Ripple Prices.
  6. Asian Response: Asian showing more interest in buying Ripple over Bitcoin from last week as because of huge population number of investor will increase which help to build good market cap value.
  7. Direct Buy: previous you have to exchange bitcoin or ethereum to buy Ripple coin but now many new portal launched which allow you to buy Ripple directly with USD or respected country currency.
  8. Price Forecast: as per many top predictor all over world says Ripple will reaches 5 USD till March 2018, which is 500% more than today’s price.
  9. Blockchain Future: Ripple founder is recently started studying on Blockchain Infrastructure to improve performance and transaction time.
  10. Top 3 Highest Market cap Holder: Today Ripple beat Bitcoin cash cryptocurrency to shift from 4th position to 3rd and expected to maintain this ranking for long time interval.

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Why you choose Ripple over Bitcoin

Ripple Is Good Investment
Ripple Is Good Investment

Yes, Ripple is better than Bitcoin in terms many factor started with transaction time as both cryptocurrency is working on same technology but there is difference in type of working in Bitcoin blockchain transaction with low amount is accept late than big amount investment but in ripple all transaction time is similar, then Bitcoin prices was almost 20K$ and in 3 days falls down to 13K$ which is biggest dropped rate till but if you see report of Ripple in graph then you will get straight or upward arrow which means chances of prices dropping is really low so investing in Ripple will be great choice over Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining is almost over many miner started mining for other cryptocurrency because they not able to receive good exchange amount which is creating impact on Bitcoin Market supply, Transaction fees of Bitcoin is really high as right now in cryptocurrency world Bitcoin charges highest transaction fees but as per latest tweet from Ripple official charges is of per transaction is nearly 0.0004$ which is nothing 0% for low amount transaction. Bitcoin Supply is going to finished in end 2018 there is no official announcement of increasing till date but as compare to ripple this coin has huge supply of XRP coin.