JIO Coin ICO Launch Date, Price, How to Buy JIOCoin, Wiki Prediction

JIO Coin

Indian Telecomm company Reliance JIO launching new cryptocurrency very soon, as there are lots of JIO product launch last year like JIO SIM, JIO Phone, JIO –FI and now to make digital payment simpler they will launch new coin name JIO coin, which will be based on Blockchain technology and after Laxmi coin and Indicoin this is third Indian country Own cryptocurrency, as there is no official updates on this but according to sources Ambani Son Believe in Future and considering cryptocurrency is future so with team of 55 member which having experience about Blockchain and its working will selected as team, then many JIO Product will be listed on which you can use JIO coin as payment option to Buy this Product, as we know there is no official report is out on future of cryptocurrency in India, as South Korea and china already banned trading of coin, so JIO company has to take permission from Government to Launch JIO coin, as on coinmarketcap there is cryptocurrency name JIO Token already listed, but that coin Is own by different country and having no relation with JIO coin.

JIO Coin Launch Date

As there is no updates on launching JIO coin but Livemint news portal already confirm about this but if there is any updates regarding JIO coin then it will be published on JIO official website so for latest updates JIO coin keep checking this portal and get latest updates, as Laxmi coin Is launching ICO on March 2018 and they already arrange Seminar on Laxmi coin in which invited guest will be rewarded some Laxmi coin, so If JIO right now choosing which platform will be better as they thinking about to option i.e. Tangle Technology or Blockchain, but sources says Blockchain will be JIO official choice.

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JIO Coin Price

Expected Price will be under $1 USD means Rs.64 Indian Rupees, as JIO Company doing great on share market and now with this news JIO Share will be increase with huge peak rate, like Kodak Shares increase with huge growth after announcement of Kodakcoin launch and as per every cryptocurrency official put Initial coin offering for customer so JIO customer can buy ICO of JIO coin and prices will be very less because to build good market cap initial every cryptocurrency owner decided sale their coins with very less price.

 How to Buy JIO coin

As JIO coin not yet launched so right  you cannot buy JIO coin and you have to wait for official statement from JIO, which will be updated soon and if is there trading means buying and selling of JIO coin then it will be available on

JioCoin Wiki

Akash Ambani will be leading this contract and after getting aspire from Internet of Things IoT blockchain, as this perfect time to launch new cryptocurrency because in new year Ripple who is low price cryptocurrency who reach second position on highest market cap value and reason behind this is Asian invested more than any other region and in that Indian country having most number of investor so considering this and interest of Indian people Reliance India’s biggest and most trusted company may be decided to launch and also many people from Indian don’t know about Internet money to aware them decision taken.

Note: We are not associated with JIO official, this is just information about jio coin and JIO officials not yet confirmed about this so many fake website also there so stop searching about this and we promise you we will provide you latest updates about this.