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JIO Coin

There are many rumors about Reliance Planning to launch own cryptocurrency name JIO Coin after Indian people showing huge response to Bitcoin and other coin, as at Beginning of January Ripple cryptocurrency prices showing huge growth in prices because of Sudden growth in number investor from Asia region in which there is huge percentage of Indian Investor and this will be the main reason behind launching JIO Coin and also Ripple Maximum supply is almost finished including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash, as we know Reliance is India’s Biggest company, as there is no confirmation about launch of JIO coin, but there is huge chances they will convert their business into cryptocurrency by launching online market place In which user can buy JIO product online and as per sources there is core team appointed by JIO which include number of expert Developer and youngster who having knowledge about Blockchain and how cryptocurrency is currently working on project as there is two option for JIO coin to choose their technology or platform In which they may go for Internet Of Things which is used by IOTA cryptocurrency based on Tangle or they go for Blockchain in this most favorite choice is Ethereum Blockchain, so it all about on JIO which platform will they choose.

JIO Coin Price

At Beginning of cryptocurrency Launch there is Initial coin offering in which company firstly launched Whitepaper to listing their cryptocurrency and for demo there is coin distribution in other token coin will be offer to number of customer which include offers and has low price because to build good market cap value they need to lower their prices and once trading start they will get maximum price for per coin, so considering this Expected Price of JIO coin ICO will be nearly Rs.15 to Rs.30 Indian Rupees and in $0.30 USD. And JIO Coin trading price will be nearly $1 USD which is nearly Rs.64 Indian Rupees.

Jio coin
Jio coin

JIO Coin Launch Date

Reliance JIO is already complete 1 year of launch and now having millions of JIO Prime member along with 6 million of JIO Phone User and now in future they planning to launch many more product like JIO Fiber, JIO DTH in future, so for this upcoming project they need to have online  marketplace for which they can build JIO cryptocurrency in using JIO coin customer can buy this newly added and old product, so considering this expected date of Initial coin offering i.e. ICO will start on March 2018 and expected trading launch date is April 2018.

How to Buy JIO Coin

JIO all product is listed on Official website in which user can directly order or Buy JIO Product online with different payment option, and if in future JIO coin is launched then it expected to start new portal along with Buy and Sell of JIO coin or they put start trading on

 Future of cryptocurrency in India

Cryptocurrency becoming headline of 2018 because in in terms of profit rate it is much more than Stock market, Mutual Funds and other investment policy, so right now cryptocurrency gaining huge attention from investor and as top 5 cryptocurrency who having highest market cap value 80% of maximum supply is finished and from 15 January they facing cryptocurrency crash in which there is price drop with average 20% so investor right now searching for new cryptocurrency who having huge maximum supply so following this there many company like Telegram who planning to launch multi-billion cap coin and Kodak also officially announced for cryptocurrency launched by planning ICO so launching new cryptocurrency right will be awesome choice in India, as Indian Government not yet made decision about future of cryptocurrency, as there are two India country own cryptocurrency i.e. Laxmi coin and ATC coin in which ATC coin trading will be start at end of January on and Laxmi coin ICO is schedule from 1 March 2018 announced on official portal

Note: as we already mentioned there Is no official statement from company announced, so there are some fraud website who offering JIO coin so don’t believe on such rumours, as we are not associated with JIO, we are here to provide you latest updates on JIO coin and possible announcement will be updated here, so just bookmark us to get latest news about Reliance cryptocurrency.

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