How to get Jio Phone MatchPass IPL free 2018 match pass offer

How to get Jio phone “matchpass” IPL free 2018 offer

In this post we will discuss newly introduced special pack for JIO phone users who are fan of IPL that is Indian Premiere League. This offer is available from yesterday onwards, and details about this plan is given below. This JIO phone matchpass is like refer and earn kind of offer where you can earn 8GB per referral for selling or recommending JIO phone to your friend, neighbor or colleague. Details about this JIO phone match pass offer are given below.

JIO Phone MatchPass
JIO Phone MatchPass

JIO Phone MatchPass

This season JIO has launched “MatchPass” offer for all IPL lovers, who love to watch IPL match anywhere anytime over their JIO phone. In this Jio match pass offer you have 3 rewards which you can earn. 1st reward is you will get free 8 GB of data per referral. The next offer is you will get free IPL match streaming on your phone. The last one that is 3rd offer is chance to participate in “Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live” show with Sunil Grover and Kapil Dev.

Below is the scenario for better understanding of this offer Jio Phone MatchPass. Suppose there are two persons called as A and B. A person recommends to buy JIO phone to person B. Then person B calls JIO customer care for buying JIO phone and provides Jio phone number details of person A, along with PIN code of himself. Then both person A and B win total 16 GB of Data that is each 8 GB for 4 days.

Like that person A or B can earn up to 112 GB that means a person could refer 14 persons to buy JIO phone. So you will end up with earning total 112 GB data for usage. If you refer maximum friends in a week then there is a golden opportunity for you to come and share TV screen with Sunil Grover and Kapil Dev in JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan Live Show. In this offer, every week two lucky winners will be selected among people who have referred maximum persons to buy JIO Phone in this MatchPass offer.

How to get JIO Mobile Phone matchpass IPL 2018 Offer

Below is the step by step guideline for you to get JIO mobile phone MatchPass offer of this season IPL 2018. You have 8 GB data earn per referral is actually has validity of only 4 Days so you should keep a delay between two referrals to enjoy the whole IPL 2018. This offer JIO phone matchpass is like a golden opportunity for all Indian Cricket lovers who wants to enjoy IPL without investing money in Mobile recharges.

The step by step scenario wise guide is given below to refer and earn using JIO phone match pass offer :-

  1. Person A will refer or recommend person B to buy JIO phone
  2. B will call JIO toll free number that is 1800-890-8900
  3. Person B will give JIO phone number of Person A and PIN code of himself
  4. Now Person B will receive JIO Phone and it will be activated using the Phone number by which Person B called JIO toll free number. As that number will be taken as alternate number for activation.
  5. Both Person A and B will get 8 GB data for next 4 days and they can stream IPL match for free.
  6. Person A and B refers more than 10 referrals then they will be eligible for Lucky draw winner for participating in JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan Live show with Sunil Grover.