JIO Phone WhatsApp, Facebook How to Use WhatsApp on JIO Mobile

WhatsApp JIO Phone

JIO Phone is India’s first cheapest Smartphone which enabled with 4G connectivity support which was launched August month and online booking also started on August month then at end of September month after long wait customer who booked JIO Phone started receiving their Phone via home delivery after that many people facing issue and some of people don’t know who to use JIO Phone and they find some of basic feature missing on JIO Phone as many of youths was ordered this phone and as increasing use of internet JIO offer for customer 4G internet for free as welcome offer and now they offering Rs. 150 recharge of validity for 1 month which include unlimited local and std calling and 500 MB 4G Data per day but some of daily Application such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike and more apps are missing which result JIO customer disappointed with Phone and they also wanted to know how to install such Application on JIO Phone.

JIO Phone WhatsApp

As JIO Phone is working on newly launched operating system i.e. KAI OS which is made by Java language as WhatsApp version is compatible for android, iOS and Blackberry, Windows phone and more recently WhatsApp support only for Android and iOS eliminated frequently used Operating system which also include Java based Operating system which result JIO Phone is not compatible for WhatsApp as per report there some Beta version is rolling out which can be support KAI os means JIO Phone expected to get WhatsApp with beta version which is not officially launched by makers of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp JIO Phone
WhatsApp JIO Phone

JIO Phone Facebook

Facebook is most used social media website In India and as per report highest number of Facebook user are from India country as over 5 million JIO Phone are sold out on first sale in this many people are youth who wanted to use Facebook application on JIO Phone but again Application version is not yet launched for KAI OS which result you cannot use Facebook on JIO Phone to operate on JIO Mobile you need to open browser then enter URL login with username and password then you enjoy LITE version or Mobile version of Facebook on JIO Phone if you go for desktop version then you can’t operate Facebook smoothly. As originally Technical Guruji who claimed customer can use Facebook but actually he also was following same process to use which via Browser.

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How to Use WhatsApp on JIO Phone

There are some to way to use WhatsApp on JIO Phone for that you need to change operating system of JIO Phone manually which very hard task to do or other option is you need to open then scan barcode from your mobile phone partially take on Android Phone login your account in that phone then open web site on JIO Phone then you need to open from Android Phone then you scanned to that code then you automatically redirected to chat page of WhatsApp and your WhatsApp will be start which will be logged out after your phone connection is off and if you wanted to use for long time then you need to open both WhatsApp simultaneously and you can use existing Android Phone of your family member in which install clone version of WhatsApp using which you can logged in two WhatsApp in your Phone.

JIO Phone Facebook, WhatsApp Alternative

JIO Phone has some preinstalled application which include JIO chat in which you can chat with user who has JIO chat application so you just need to tell recipient install JIO chat which is available on google Play store or JIO also offer unlimited messaging so you can make instant message to recipient not faster but in effective way.