Kai OS Apps Store , WhatsApp For Kai OS, Para Firefox OS on JIO Phone

Kai OS

Searching for Kai OS Apps Store and WhatsApp for Kai OS of JIO Phone Operating System then you are perfect place before you start following process to App Download we would like to give some facts about Kai OS because you have to know about Kai OS as user: Kai Operating System of Mobile Smartphone which is developed by Kai based on Firefox Operating System which is recently discontinued after because of lower uses and bad user experience as Kai OS is specially designed for low budget smartphone which has higher configuration and features which become famous because of Reliance JIO company as JIO with his project to manufacture very low budget smartphone which will have awesome features just like 4G connectivity and other common stuffy like radio, GPS, Sensor handler and more feature but because of Price is very less which is near about Rs. 1500 company has to choose low cost operating system which result with help of Kai OS they launched JIO Phone and this phone become very popular because on its first sale more than 55 lakhs Phone are sold out in just 2 days and still many interested people from Indian wanted to Buy JIO Phone but because of limited production JIO company recently hold Sale for JIO Phone so getting to become famous price is playing major factor because no other company providing this features in this range so with help of Kai OS Reliance really done fabulous Job For Indian customer.

Kai OS Apps

Kai OS created by Developer on Linux by using HTML5 Language but like Firefox OS this OS is failed many people giving negative feedback for not having official app store and lack of Apps in which JIO Phone user and other Kai OS based phone user cannot download newest Application and games which are available for Android and iOS operating system, so many people are searching for where they can get WhatsApp for Kai OS and which is alternative Apps Store of Kai OS so form then here is good news because we are going to provide Kai OS App Store which full details so follow below steps.

Kai OS App Store

  • First you have to on your mobile Internet or if your Phone enabled with Wi-Fi you can also turn on that also
  • Then Download Kai OS App Store which is also called as Firefox App Store
  • To Download Kai OS App Store First open any Browser your Phone have
  • Then in address bar enter this url: “marketplace.firefox.com”
  • Then you have to Download this App Store on your Kai OS based Phone
  • Once you Download Firefox App Store then install It and simply open it
  • Once your Open this App Store you will have different option just like other Android App Store or Apple App Store
  • In Kai OS app Store you have Apps, Games, and other application
Kai OS Apps
Kai OS Apps

Kai OS Apps

To download this App you have to create account on Firefox App Store for which follow below steps because your Phone is not authorised to use this App Store because Kai OS do not have its official App Store for user so as we already mentioned above we have alternative for Kai OS App Store.

  • Open Kai OS Firefox App Store if you don’t have Firefor App Store then download from by visiting: marketplace.firefox.com
  • Once you Open App Store you will get three column in which you have to select app section
  • But for Downloading Apps from store need to create account in Firefox App Store
  • First visit official site marketplace.firefox.com then click on register button
  • Then you have fill details name, email address and password for security
  • Then sign in into account
  • Once you sign in then you can directly Download Application
  • Free App you can download directly but for paid apps you need to make payment using different payment option.

Apps provided in Firefox App Store sometimes shows message “not available for your platform” means your device no support that app.

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WhatsApp for Kai OS

Mainly people who using JIO Phone searching for WhatsApp because officially this app is not given by company as JIO provided unlimited data to JIO Phone customer there no fun App to use that data, but they also can download WhatsApp by using below steps:

  • Go To Firefox App Store on mobile
  • Then in search Box type “ConnectA2”
  • Then many result will be display then choose WhatsApp from that list
  • You can find out with help of logo of WhatsApp
  • Then download and click on install button now you are ready to use
Kai Os WhatsApp
Kai Os WhatsApp

Kai OS Whatsapp

  • Open any Phone browser or download new browser from Firefox App Store
  • Then open web.whatsapp.com
  • Then bar code will be appear then you need to take any other android or Phone which has WhatsApp then open your account from that mobile
  • Then scan code which display on JIO Phone browser
  • Once you scan then WhatsApp on JIO Phone automatically open
  • Then you can use WhatsApp on JIO Phone

Above process of Installing WhatsApp on Kai OS Phone are not official we are just here to help you to How to use WhatsApp on Firefox OS.

If you have any query related Downloading App Store and Whatsapp for JIO Phone then just comment below with your email address.