Kodak Coin ICO Price, Cryptocurrency News, How to Buy Kodakcoin Prediction

Kodak Coin

Kodak is launching new cryptocurrency which will based on KodakOne Platform specially designed for Photographer to protect or secure their work in Internet world means it is focus on Image Rights and ownership for Photographer and this platform will create an encrypted, Digital Ledger, KODAKCoin allow to user to create copyrights of Pictures and then after receiving license they can sale their work on Secure Blockchain of KadakOne, as this cryptocurrency news already confirm by Official of Kodak on their website and they put information and about Kodak coin and also set sign up button in which user will get latest updates on Kodakcoin cryptocurrency, as Initial coin Offering will be starting soon, which will be published on Kodak.com and there are some unique benefit via Insurance of KODAkcoin and also first few user will receive some amount of bonus amount, so Kodakcoin is future photography world because it provide you Web crawling, then gives protection of image uploaded IP, then also real time usage of Image also detected and also license process will be simple or easy to use so anyone who having basic knowledge of computer can handle their work with more safer and secure way.

KodakCoin ICO Price

Kodakcoin ICO will be sponsored under Government regulation in which there is involvement of Insurance via SEC Regulated Initial Coin Offering (ICO), so just sign up for latest updates and prices will be notify to user and till now Kadakcoin is not yet listing on coinmarketcap.com means once it officially listed on this portal then actual price will revealed to users, but considering future Buying this coin will sure give you good profit amount in future. As Kodak share Price fluctuating in between 3 USD to 5 USD and has average 4.5 USD price, so there are huge chances ICO price will start with nearly 4 USD.

KodakCoin Cryptocurrency News

  • ICO will be schedule on End of January 2018.
  • World First Photography Rights Based cryptocurrency launching Soon.
  • Kodak Coin will be based on KodakOne Blockchain Platform.
  • Sale will be officially available for Investor from US and Canada.
  • Kodak Launching Official Bitcoin Miners called “Kashminer”

As few day ago TechCrunch confirm about Telegram launching TON cryptocurrency, which is based on Mobile App encrypted Platform and Kik Messaging Application also launched Kin cryptocurrency, so after looking at this we can say there are big companies taking huge interest in coin market and also more company expected launched their own currency in future with considering different factor like Kodak takes Photography Topic, Vibe cryptocurrency choose Virtual Reality Topic and Dogecoin is created via Meme website Doge.

How to Buy Kodakcoin

As there is no official announcement about when buy and sell will be start but there are huge expectation this cryptocurrency will launched his own portal for exchange or choose Ethereum Blockchain as way of payment. Or it will be available on Exchange portal like Binance, Bitmex, Yobit.net and as they launching own miner which will be sold with contract agreement so launching Kadakcoin miners will be good for business or other portal will gain small profit in terms of transaction fees and most of transaction will be differ because image price always differ so it should accept small as well as big payments.

Kodak Coin Price
Kodak Coin Price

KodakCoin Prediction

Talking about prediction as there we have mentioned price will start with 5 USD and considering popularity and bulk sign up, registration on site after launch price surely show huge peak rate and till end of 2018 it will cross 50 USD mark and Initial coin offering will be available for US, UK, Canada citizens. as Buying and selling of Photography is future so this cryptocurrency will show huge growth in future in upcoming years. So along with Photographer also investor will grab good profit amount.