Laxmi Coin Launch Date, Price, Rate ICO | How To Buy Laxmi Cryptocurrency

Laxmi Coin

Laxmi coin first Indian cryptocurrency expected to gets approval from government of India but this not yet confirmed by government and also there are no official statement released yet but its confirm new Cryptocurrency launching which works similarly like Bitcoin, Ethex means your money converted into coin who’s value will be fluctuated so investor will buy laxmi coin and if coin price increase they will receive profit and coin price dropped they will have loss this depend of investor or buyer, as Laxmi coin was launched in 2012 year in that year many people not familiar with coin market but after Bitcoin creating new record with huge rate it grabbing attention and now millions of people all over world started showing interest in cryptocurrency show that world is changing to digital so with same plan Laxmi coin is launching soon to make better Digital payment and coin market so Indian investor will be get huge profit which will be easy to understand.

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Laxmi Coin Buy
Laxmi Coin Buy

Laxmi Coin Launch Date

On official website of Laxmi coin already announced launched date which is 1st March 2018 means from this date Laxmi coin market will be started and user will buy or sell Laxmi coin for which every interested person need to create new account with email address and mobile number so on exact date of 1st March 2018 every process of account creation will be started and before that instruction will be given on official website i.e. and as per latest report there are over 30 million Laxmi coin limit have for customer to buy and sell.

Laxmi coin
Laxmi coin

Laxmi coin Price

Price will be in Indian official currency i.e. rupees which will be displayed on at 1st March 2018 there are difference between buy Price and Sell Price similarly like Bitcoin and Ethex so you need to wait for Launched date of Laxmi coin.

Laxmi coin Rate

One Laxmi coin equal to some Rupees which is not yet decided but similarly as per other cryptocurrency it will started with low rate which will be perfect timing to buy and as slowly time passes rate of laxmi coin will started increasing and as per profit and user convenience they can buy or sell coin online with different payment option like online banking, paypal, bitcoin to laxmi coin, credit card and more

Laxmi coin ICO

As on official website they announced ICO will be launched on March so many people thinking what ICO actually means i.e. ICO stands on Initial coin offering which means at initial point laxmi coin will officially provide different discount or token coin as a launching offer just like stock market.

How To buy Laxmi coin cryptocurrency

As buy and sell not yet started because laxmi coin not yet gets official agreement form government and RBI but they already in queue of getting approval but because of many coin market which had issue with Government of India because of some problems.

Laxmi coin Is Future?

Yes, if Laxmi coin gets legal agreement from RBI and government of India then it surely will be one of the highest customer coin market because of it is launching in India as RBI chief totally against about cryptocurrency but they looking forward and thinking about legality of Laxmi coin and may be its Laxmi coin will make better digital market and all data will be shared to government that only way to gets agreement, and It will eliminated credit card and debit card uses and only way of Online transaction will be Laxmi coin including other payments like mobile recharge, dish tv recharge, light bill and more stuff is possible. At end there Laxmi coin will be launched when they gets approval from Income Tax, Securities and Exchange Board of India, RBI, Financial Intelligence Unit.

From 1st April 2018 referral system will be updated as follows:
Up to 100 successful referrals: 20 laxmicoin/per referral
101 to 300 successful referrals: 15 laxmicoin/per referral
301+ onward successful referral: 10 laxmicoin/per referral

Laxmi Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Laxmi Coin
Ticker Symbol Laxmi
Year of Launched 2017
Total Supply 2.5 million Laxmi
Official website
Country India
Exchange NA
Initial Coin Offering 7th March 2018 to 20th May 2018
Number of Users 2.5 millions User