Laxmi Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 in INR, Future Forecast ICO Rate

Laxmi Coin Price

Laxmi Coin gaining huge attention from Indian Investor after launching referral program by official in which they offering 20 Laxmi Coin for every referral to friend and your referred friend also get 20 Laxmi Coins, as initially official decide to start initial coin offering on 3rd march 2018 but that reference removed from official website but in roadmap they schedule for ICO in Quarter 3 of 2018 year as this is 3rd Indian own cryptocurrency along with Rumored JIO Coin by Reliance also expected to launch very soon in which all JIO product will be available on marketplace but right now many people wanted to know what will be expected Price Laxmi Coin obtained after initial coin offering.

Laxmi Coin Buy
Laxmi Coin Buy

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Laxmi Coin Price Prediction

we know Rs.1 is Indian smallest currency and following launch Price of other foreign cryptocurrency recently launched in 2018 then Laxmi Coin may have launched with $0.10 USD which is equal to Rs. 6.50, once Initial Coin Offering end then Laxmi Coin gets indexed on in which Live Price will be displayed along with daily report of Price in USD, BTC and other currency so user can start trading from Trade Exchange Portal considering popularity In Future, as we know cryptocurrency market is growing in India with continuous number of investor and specially showing more interest in low priced cryptocurrency and who also charges low transaction fees, so in January 2018 Ripple is one most traded cryptocurrency In India, so looking at this fact and taking look at Total Supply of Ripple and other low priced cryptocurrency India need to have new cryptocurrency in India which will replace this, so Laxmi Coin will be the perfect choice in Future and become Indian leading Exchange Coin.

Laxmi Coin Price in INR

As official price not yet displayed on LaxmiCoin and to get live price this coin has to get good market cap value and after it reaches to limit which is set by to get illegible for listing on their website. so bookmark us for latest updates about Laxmi Coin and we will give latest updates about price and also we will provide where to get Laxmi Coin Prices.

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Laxmi Coin Future

As there is no status on cryptocurrency in India as Finance Ministry of India not yet makes official announcement about legality as right now in China only cryptocurrency trading is officially banned by Government but in other side there is cryptocurrency name Petro which was launched by Venezuelan Country Government to fix continuous dropped of currency in world and other country also closer to give legal certificate to cryptocurrency and if in future Laxmi coin gets permission from Government along with Tax then many investing option in India will get replaced by Cryptocurrency just because of more percentage of profit in less time as Laxmi coin allow to foreign country user to have participant in Air Drop program.

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As per recent interview of Founder of Laxmi Coin he mentioned we didn’t to RBO regarding ICO because he think RBI will not give positive response to Cryptocurrency in India, as they already given same guideline which was given to other cryptocurrency Exchange, as he also mentioned they have created their own Blockchain Technology Platform which has some unique features like good transaction speed with Scalability, Best security for every transaction b POS system and also have different apps like Banking Solution, Good Governance, Supply Chain, Voting System, Cyber Security, Ride Share.

Laxmi Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Laxmi Coin
Ticker Symbol Laxmi
Year of Launched 2017
Total Supply 2.5 million Laxmi
Official website
Country India
Exchange NA
Initial Coin Offering 7th March 2018 to 20th May 2018
Number of Users 2.5 millions User