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Litecoin Cash

Last week there is website who claiming Litecoin (LTC) is launching its Fork with name Litecoin cash in which every litecoin user will receive 10 Litecoin Cash, but today there is news trending that founder of Litecoin is claim that LCC is scam and stay away from such fake news, as per website who claimed to be official of LCC is posted schedule for future plans in which they mentioned in December 2017 Litecoin cash was founded in after one month In January 2018 Dev & testing has been finished and on 3 February 2018 they makes official announcement of launching and now in upcoming days Wallet, Fork Block will be launching, as right now Litecoin cash is just in news but in future people can claim, mine this cryptocurrency, as we know Litecoin is one of top cryptocurrency and because of limited maximum supply currently price fluctuation percentage is lower than previous year so launching Hard-Fork with new technology is most wanted situation.

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LCC Coin

There are 840 Million of Maximum Supply will be available for user, which can be claimed or mine with Mining algorithm SHA256 which will also provide Proof of Work hashes, Network Resilience, Optimised for Real world, slow start control, pre-release bootstrap, Small Premine, so with this feature as we compare other fork of cryptocurrency then promise feature comes in reality then LLC will be best Fork till date and no doubt huge supply will keep engaging and continuously creating interest for mining and claiming, as right now many newly cryptocurrency giving away ICO to user by giving them specific task, similar like coin who enter into top 50 cryptocurrency in just 4 days of launched which is really amazing and it happen just because they offering coins for sign up and other specific task.

Litecoin Cash Price

Charlie Lee already tweeted about Litecoin Cash which is not a fork of litecoin which result prices will announced once this coin listed on coinmarketcap and published white and as on 18th February 2018 there will big announcement is coming which will be displayed on so check on mentioned date and but I will suggest stay way from this coin because they must launched fake wallet to store your litecoin which can be stole by them and expected become second biggest scam on cryptocurrency world.

Litecoin Cash Wallet

As per website they mentioned Wallet for iOS, Windows, Android will be launching on 18 to 19 Februray 2018 and on March SPV Wallets will be launched for user.

How to Buy/Exchange Litecoin Cash (LCC)

LCC will not available for trading or Exchange to get Litecoin cash user has to mine this coin using mentioned mining tool or as per source evert litecoin user will rewarded by 10 Litecoin cash and there are some task be available to claim LCC.

Litecoin Cash Price Prediction

After announcement of Litecoin cash there is improvement in Litecoin price as since end of December 2017 Litecoin is continuously dropping in ranking and as also after reaches to all time highest it showing consistent drop in price, so after getting good response in investment Litecoin cash launched is must needed which help to reached 2000 USD till end of April 2018 and also maintain average price growth till it reaches to maximum supply.