LiteCoin | How/Where to Buy/Purchase Litecoin in India | Prediction


Litecoin reaches highest till now with by hiking price by 30% of per day price changes on 10th December 2017 so along with IOTA, Monacoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin also giving tough competition to other coin because within a year 3000% growth has been seen in rate of Litecoin and now in highest market cap Litecoin is currently holding 5th position and there are some chances in upcoming months this steady cryptocurrency will defeat Ripple shift upside in table as we know there is huge growth in December month for all cryptocurrency market so similarly Litecoin will cross 200$ price in end of December, as on 11th December price was noted as 181$ with 229% growth rate as compared to November Litecoin showing their dominance in graph and as many people talking about bubble are created by cryptocurrency to increase investor but there are so many rumours are come and go in daily news as we noted sudden growth just because number people started knowing about coin market also showing interest and in initial days there was trust factor which makes to avoid investment in cryptocurrency.

How To Buy Litecoin in India
How To Buy Litecoin in India

How to buy Litecoin in India

Step1: First create Account to Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum

Choose below option to Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum for Indian citizen

  • Coinmama
  • Coinbase
  • Bitfinex

Step2: Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum and create Wallent

Step3: Sign up on Exchange Trades Portal

Select Exchanges Trades form below list for Indian user

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Cryptopia
  • Poloniex
  • Shapeshift

Step4: Generate Transfer Option from Exchange trade account

Go to deposit withdrawal section and then click on generate random address

Step5: Send Bitcoin to Exchange Account

Open bitcoin account then click on transfer btc then it will ask transfer address just copy and paste address and click on send button

Step6: check account balance of Trade Account

Wait 5 to 6 minute to complete transaction

Step7: Exchange BTC to LTC with Trade Transfer account

Just enter amount of btc to exchange and buy Litecoin

Step8: create Litecoin from official wallet for Litecoin

Litecoin cryptocurrency Wiki

Market cap$12,918,127,932 USD
Position in Highest Market cap5th
Growth Rate230%

Litecoin Prediction

Investing in Litecoin is best choice for business because it comes into top 5 position of highest coin market cap showing steady growth in per hour and per day graph as many trade predictor already talking about to cross huge price with 500$ on end of January month as we talked many people spreading news that banning cryptocurrency in India and RBI may makes official announcement about this in few days because huge increase rate may be Indian government may takes this decision as per many traders all coin market price making bubble and in upcoming days there will be huge price drop in every cryptocurrency who recently shows growth more 500% so investor are in trouble what to do should we invest or not as we suggest if you planning to invest for long time like more than 5 months then you are free to buy but If you can wait for perfect time or short timer investor should stay away from cryptocurrency.

Is it Safe to Buy Litecoin

Position and market cap matter in cryptocurrency trust along with white paper about trust there are less number of country who officially approved litecoin in their country so buy at own risk because when our government step foot to banned cryptocurrency never say ever and but there will be pre announcement for banned cryptocurrency to investor can cash out their money but if buy price is lower than sell price then they will face huge loss if they invested big amount so many of people suggested to invest small and safe amount which never makes trouble in future.