Litecoin Vs Bitcoin| BTC Vs LTC Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 Price

Litecoin Vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin showing his dominance with huge growth from last two weeks but Litecoin growth rate show why LTC is steady from last 5 to 6 month as last week new boost cryptocurrency IOTA which become due to low exchange or transaction fees and launched with new technology who beat Litecoin in highest market cap but on 12 December show real power by again defeating IOTA now Litecoin is chasing Ethereum because Bitcoin cash not showing any growth rate as from other cryptocurrency increases with awesome percentage but Bitcoin cash since last two week being steady so there is war between ETH VS LTC begin as on 11 December 2017 litecoin set his highest price record with 181 USD and expected to cross 200 USD marks and as we talking about Ethereum who was steady for 2 months then along with bitcoin, IOTA and other cryptocurrency its start growing but as compare to Litecoin surely ETH has low growth ratio so be directly jump to Bitcoin for prediction which set according to last two week in which Bitcoin is price fluctuating within 5K USD gap.


LTC per day growth rate for one week is nearly 50% and if they continue increase with growth rate then LTC will take more 2 months to beat Bitcoin cash and Ethereum and 5 to 6 month to beat Bitcoin but for this Bitcoin has be steady with amount but this not happening in reality because Bitcoin is most popular coin in cryptocurrency for reason and if BTC price remains steady then investor will start investing money because as per last month in which bitcoin was steady for two weeks then it started increasing huge amount so underestimating Bitcoin is not good for business now as we talking about all time increasing between Litecoin and Bitcoin then Bitcoin is winner and if we talking about previous two to three week in terms of growth ration then LTC is winner and now after Litecoin increases with huge price then it surely grabs attention of many investor.

Litecoin Vs Bitcoin
Litecoin Vs Bitcoin

Litecoin Prediction

Litecoin with 55% increase rate will cross 210 USD till end of 2017 year but we know for every cryptocurrency there no fix growth rate so till January of next year it will show steady report and between June to July 2018 expected to have good increase in price with all analysis and study of graph from last three month then 565 USD estimate comes out for Litecoin which quire impressive so people who thinking to buy LTC for this instant will be great deal for them as we also considering ups and downs in growth and if take same growth ration of last week which is nearly 55% then price will be different which is nearly 18,100 USD which is 1000 USD more than current bitcoin price so we mentioned above to beat Bitcoin they has to maintain same growth throughout 5 to 6 month.

Month & YearLitecoin Price Prediction
January 2018200 USD
June 2018565 USD
December 2018950 USD
January 20191100 USD
June 20191450 USD
December 20192000 USD
January 20202300 USD
June 20203500 USD
December 20204700 USD

Note: in above prediction table prices started growing in fluctuating manner after 2019 just because till that year number of people who wanted to invest cryptocurrency will be increase and may overtake mutual fund, stock market and LIC policy.

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Bitcoin Prediction

Bitcoin always turn down prediction and many time it beat prediction beyond expectation so prediction of Bitcoin always gives you surprise as from top predictor there are two predictions are out in which Bitcoin will reach 40,000 USD till start of 2018 and till 2020 Bitcoin will crossed 1,00,000 USD which will set highest price mark of cryptocurrency and also first coin to cross this record along with bitcoin cash and ethereum now talking about next year report then Bitcoin will show fluctuation in price in the range of 20,000 USD to 40,000 USD till end of 2018 year which means investing money below 20K $ then will be great deal for investor right now and once Bitcoin pass this price then it’s very difficult to buy with such continuous change in price so again as compare to Litecoin obviously Bitcoin gives you more surprise but Litecoin will give steady growth rate and good profit amount than Bitcoin.

YearLitecoin Price Prediction
Start of 201818000 USD
Mid 201825000 USD
End of 201840000 USD
Start of 201945000 USD
Mid 201976000 USD
December 20191,00,000 USD
Start of 20201,00,600 USD
Mid 20201,30,500 USD
End of 20201,55,600 USD

Note: above expected price set according to previous one year growth rate and also analysis of technology and future of cryptocurrency in upcoming years.